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If I am saying that teenage girls are dressing like sluts it is because they are. If you prefer to use the word "hooker" go right ahead. The Bratz dolls have as a matter of fact been termed "hooker chic". Now to me a slut is someone who sells sexual favors for compensation. And I can tell you for a fact that that is what a lot of these girls are doing. I know many personally who dressed exactly like that when they were in high school, dropped out, got themselves knocked up and are now living at home with their parents and their babies. With some it gets worse they are misusing state money they receive to get themselves an education. As unwed mothers they get free tuition at the local community college in order to improve their lives. But do you know what they do instead? They go to the community college all right. Long enough to pick up some new guy to have sex with and then they do not attend class anymore. This does not qualify in my book as "exploring their sexuality". This is the crowd that my stepdaughters used to run around with and fortunately they have moved on. I could tell you stories about what I heard when I was at the high school one day to pick up one of them-all I can say is that I would not last two days in a place like that. One of these little "darlings" was in the principal's office insisting on her right to show cleavage down-to-there despite a dress code and was gving the assistant principal lip about how putting on the more demure shirt that was being offered to her would "damage her emotionally".

Ilovesiamese, if you think that "leading by example" is effective then come on down here and give it a shot. These girls have had plenty of very good examples and made some very bad choices. It is not as if they came out of bad homes because I know their parents. And don't ask me to "stick together" with young women (or older women for that matter) who think there is something special about dressing like a slut and sleeping with as many guys as they possibly can because I won't. If you want to call me "narrow minded" and "judgmental" go right ahead (as if I could stop you) but as far as I am concered if it dresses like slut and acts like one then it is one.
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Hey I did not say "2dogmom, you are narrow minded and judgmental". I didn't want to be personal, but it was an oberservation I've made from knowing many women and men over the years that do make those judgements. I don't make my judgments based on "hearing stories". Have you actually witnessed any of this?

I know a lot of young men who like to brag about their sex lives to fit in as well, but we don't say anything about these teen boys and even younger adult men who have no problem sleeping with a different person each night. Why is there no label for these men? Why do we feel we have to degrade woman who are only doing the same as the rest of their peers? (society in general)

I'm sorry, but I do think leading by example is better than calling them sluts and lecturing them all day long. My mom lead by example, was very professional and all of me and my sisters (there is 4 of us) dress respectfully and can still look sexy. That doesn't mean there wasn't a time when we didn't though and to have someone label me or a sister a slut because they see them dressed sexy a couple times is just unfounded.
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Alot of people at my high school somehow decided that I was, hm, a girl of ill repute, and I never dressed like that. Ever. I am still unsure how the rumors got started, because I never slept with anyone the entire time I was in high school...

Every time I hear somebody decide someone they barely know is a slut, it makes me cringe. Remember the end of American Beauty, when we find out the supposedly most "experienced" girl in school is a virgin? It happens pretty often, in real life.

Anyway, who cares how many people they sleep with? Why is it anyone else's business? And what does thinking you have a better figure than most of them have to do with it?

I think this thread is supposed to be about girls who aren't in high school yet, anyway.
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Ilovesiamese I wrote "I knwo many personally" and I was not kidding. I know them by name, I know their parents' names, and their babies' names.

I think you are making some assumptions here.
I do not have a double standard when it comes to male/female and have harsh words for young men who sleep around (potentially spreading STDs) as well. I also have not "lectured anyone all day long".

Sometimes a good example is not effective, as is apparently the case when "hooker chic" is being marketed to small girls.
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For the records I think plenty of men and young teen boys are male sluts. One guy my husband knows I have told him straight to his face many times that he is a male slut and he laughs it off. This guy has 8 kids by 7-8 different women.

And I am sorry but I think way to many girls dress on the slutty side and then get mad when someone looks at them. I mean hello your tatas and who ha is hanging out in public. Its at times like this I am glad I have no daughters or I would go nuts over the clothes I see. And when I walk through the store thats all they sale is revealing clothes for very young.
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Some participants apparently need a reminder to keep their posts impersonal. Should they fail to do so, warnings or infractions will be issued.
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Well, I would say that the girls that are dressing too suggestively are definitely towing the line...micro-mini skirts, halter tops, shorts that reveal butt cheek, plunging necklines that reveal too much breast/cleavage, jeans that plunge so low that thongs are peeking up above, etc. are not acceptable forms of dress for CHILDREN. However, I am relieved (and I taught middle school-aged kids a two years ago before I transferred to a different position after I got married) that MOST of the younger teens were NOT dressing in this manner. There were the select few, and surprisingly enough, they got snubbed and made fun of for looking like "hoochie-mommas."
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Funnily enough me and my friends like to make fun of those girls a few years below us or even our age who wear micro-minis and lil tops in the freezing cold and rain. Although most of them are size 0/2/4 as opposed to the tubby ones mentioned earlier.
Also, what about boys? They wear their jeans hanging so low I can almost see their knees! And some nasty string vests but its always the girls who get criticised.
My friends have always been a little odd for our age, and I can't think of anyone else my age who considers dita von tease a style icon and has worn stockings and suspenders since they were 15, nor anyone else who is saving up for a corset.
My friends and those girls approach it from different angles but we're both still trying to be sexy, even if our skirts are on the knee and our "tatas" tightly corsetted away. Considering that my mum thinks that any girl who wears a corset is a slut who is willing to **** with anyone, there may not be that much difference.
(Btw, I should point out I mean Marie Antoinette style corset not busting out and flashing waist )
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