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Brrr!! Snow

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We *finally* have some snow here! I thought that we were going to go all winter without it. I went to let Moose (stray) back outside because he was nagging me and its white and freeeeeezing. He took one look and came back in. We have had it snow a couple times but it didn't stick. I hate snow but I am kind of glad it finally snowed because it was getting kind of weird not having it. It is 28f out right now.

We have a little heater out on the back porch (closed in) and a bed that we made that they can go into to get warm plus blankets on top of the dryer but I feel bad for them being out there.
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We're supposed to get some starting Saturday. Right now the forecast is 2-4 inches.

No, I don't want any.
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I woke up at 4 am and looked outside and that snow was coming down, it really hasnt sticked tho so far this year but they are saying its supposed to today but i havent seen any really sticking that much yet, and I hope it stays that way i am not a big fan of winter and snow, or of summer
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