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gagging on food

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Ok. Well there's something I been meaning to post about. My cat sometimes eats a bit crazy and actually chokes on his food to the point it looks like he's throwin up a hairball. Is this something I should look more into? I know its obviously from eating too fast but I cant slow him down!
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I actually have the same problem with Oliver. What seems to work for me (so far) is to NOT free-feed. I feed my two cats twice a day in 4 shallow dishes spread throughout the house. I don't know why this works but I've been doing it for a month and he's only thrown up once since.
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sidney makes a good suggestion. if you are free feeding switch to scheduled feedings. Do you have multiple cats? If so, it may be that he is trying to scarf down as much food so the other cats do not get it. A lot of animals will do this. If thats the case, feed them in separate areas. As soon as they are done pick up their dishes. If one does not eat all the food and walks away from the bowl, pick it up.
Also, just be sure what you are feeding him does not have red dye in it. That can also cause vomiting.
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Thanks for the advice guys. No he hasnt thrown up at all. I just feed him on schedule I think he just really likes the food. I monitor him close and pet him when he's eating to make sure he's not choking. I remember one time he did it so bad i had to burp him lol!
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Two things to try.

Elevate his food dish so he doesn't have to bend his head down to the food dish. You can find these food dishes at your local pet stores.

Place pebbles about the size of a nickel or quarter in his food. This will cause he to slow down and eat around the food.

My Sampson had this problem and I did both of these things for a couple of months and he was able to retrain himself to slow down when he eats.

Good luck and let us know how his progress goes.
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