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Satellite vs. Terrestrial Radio

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I'm personally getting sick of both satellite and terrestrial radio bashing each other. More particularly the certain hosts (that I'll omit incase of legal purposes) that go back and forth.

This morning I turned the (terrestrial) radio on in my car. It was on the station that the now-satellite host use to talk on. It seems to be at least once a week that I catch them bashing the ex-broadcaster. They spent 5 minutes bashing him and then ended with "No one even talks about him anymore".

My first response...Umm... you were just talking about him...

Then on the other end (as we have the satellite radio for this host) I hear him complain and say that no one cares about terrestrial radio anymore.

You know what??? I don't CARE about either radio anymore because you two keep bashing each other!!! It's been one year! If you can't get over it seek therapy!!!!!

Anyone else??
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Not sure about whom you speak, but as a convert from terrestrial to satellite, I never listen to terrestrial anymore so I don't know whom, or if they are bashing. And as far as the satellite host I listen to, he has said satellite is the wave of the future. Now that is his opinion, and he is not obnoxious about, doesn't talk of it to the point that it is annoying. I don't know if it is supported by the business, ratings, stock market, but I do know that I don't listen to terrestrial anymore, so maybe he has a point.
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Maybe its just me then.

I don't have satellite in my car, which is why I still listen to terrestrial. Otherwise in the house it's satellite.

I do agree that I see satellite being the wave of the future...especially since there aren't any commercials.

However, I'm just tired of the now-satellite host complaining about the FCC censorship, the company he use to work for, and making snide comments towards the current ratings in terrestrial. He basically boosts that without him terrestrial radio is dying.
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Terrestrial radio will never completely die. Call me el cheapo or whatever, but for RADIO, I will never pay money. Satellite or terrestrial, its still radio, still someone elses programming. I love the lucrative sports programming on Satellite radio, but its not worth paying for IMO. And I get the "host" being referred to, and personally I feel it takes away from him: way way too much whining and carrying on about the past...
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I love XM Radio! X-Country is the best station ever.
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I wanted to weigh in on this again. I am assuming the "host" being referred to is Howard Stern,he is the reason I changed to satellite, because I have listened to him from the beginning , like the whole team, his take on politics and the world, and all the inside fighting with each other, It is kinda voyeuristic.
That being said, now that they are on satellite, the same elements are there but they have taken the gross, fraternity stuff to a whole new level which makes me gag. I have to turn off some of the gross things they do. I can't believe there is a market for that crap, but I guess the 20 something guys think its a riot, or maybe it is for the shock value alone. I have found other things on Sirius that I like, but at this point, I will discontinue if Howard leaves when his contract is up. If they would get Air America from xm, I would consider staying. Without Howard, as it is now, it is not worth it to me.

As far as knocking the competition, this is what helped to get Howard to the top in the first place. Every new market they went into, they would knock out the morning guy, it was just a matter of time. It was fun to watch it while it happened. I think he is doing this somewhat with the xm satellite. He expects Sirius to overtake the market, and they have made substantial gains since acquiring him. I am not sure the gross, disgusting thing will keep people there though.

Would like to hear from some younger subscribers to see what they think of it. I have a 20 something male friend at work, and he thinks it is funny and disgusting, so I think I am of the wrong generation to predict the future.
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Yes, I only left his name out along with Sirius because I wasn't sure if it was liability to post the information.

In anycase though, basically the routine in our house is that as soon as I wake up I turn on Howard Stern for B to wake up to (if I had it my way he would have to wait until he woke up to listen to it - which is long after I'm gone).
Stern has toned down the critisms, I'll give him that. However when I hop in my car, the station is typically left on from the afternoon station I listen to. Well the particular morning I posted this, it was the Opie and Anthony show dissing Howard Stern.

IMO, I'm just tired of the slap shots. It's almost like a political race that went bad. Yes satellite radio is a lot better in many ways than terrestrial, no commercials, etc, BUT do you really want to go about enlisting subscribers by being a crabby old man about terrestrial. I understand that he's jaded by it but still...

And I'm 29, but obviously do not like many of the that goes on in his shows. I really don't need to listen to someone else having an organism.

My boyfriend is a fan of his and thinks some of the toilet humor is hilarious. He's 37.
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