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Blood in stool

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My poor little boy is having no fun at the moment, he cut his leg last week and licked a lot of fur off which resulted in a vet visit...
and now someone has had soft stools for the past few days but I couldnt figure out who it was until last night when Sleeves went to the toilet and Mark went to scoop it and it we discovered a very soft poop with a little blood on it, so we knew it had been him. Obviously I panicked but he is playing, eating, drinking, purring, cuddling as normal. Im not sure if maybe he has a sore butt which caused the blood?
Anyway he was up at 4am doing another poop, again soft, and another one while i was getting ready for work at about 7.30am.
I could not take time off today to take him to the vet so as soon as I get in tonight I'll check the litter box and if he is still going I will make an appointment ASAP.
I do feel terrible for not taking him, however he is acting completely normal and seems totally unaffected by this.
If he was acting lethargic or any differently I'd have taken him in this morning.
Anyway I suppose Im just asking you for a few vibes. He's never had diorhhea before and is always such a healthy cat I just want to get home and make sure he is ok.
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Sorry you are having this worry. But it could be a worming issue or a little sore patch somewhere. Good luck with getting it sorted.
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Thanks for posting
I have come home for lunch because I was concerned about him, there is more in the litter tray. Im going to phone the vet in a minute because its worrying me that this has been going on since at least wednesday.
Ill update later
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Poor Sleeves, hope it is nothing serious and that he is feeling better soon.
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The vet receptionist suggested I bring him in today but I don't want to take him in for them to charge me £25 and say starve him for 24 hours so I have provisionally booked an appointment for 2.30pm tomorrow and I will watch him and see how he is, if we are back to normal I will cancel the appointment.
He's shouting at the birds out the window as we speak so he can't be feeling too bad!
I'll keep you posted.
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Oh no! sending lots of good vibes for your baby boy
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Just thought I'd toss out that cats can get bloody stools from stress, worms, or food allergies. I hope his stools get better so he doesn't have to go to the vet!
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Sending many good health vibes to Sleeves
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Thankyou everyone
I came in from work to find another messy one
I don't know where it is all coming from, maybe we'll have to keep that appointment afterall
The other thing is I haven't changed any of his food, nothing new is happening in his life, and also worms is unlikely since he doesn't get outside and doesn't have any contact with any cats apart from Nismo.
Although....a neighbours cat has sneaked into my kitchen on a few occasions for a few nibbles. Ive always kept the door shut and Sleeves and Nismo have never been in the same room as him. Is there anyway he could have left anything that may have upset Sleeves's tummy?
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Lauren, just want to offer get healthy vibes for Sleeves and hugs to you
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Thankyou Helen
Last night was the worst night in a long time! We discovered Nismos poops are virtually liquid aswell and Sleeves was crying everytime he went
I have called the vet and we are taking them both in at 2.30pm. I'm worried about the amount of times they have both been during the night (probably 3 each) and its not small amounts. This has been going on since Wednesday so should have cleared up by now.
Please continue to send vibes for my babies, I know it won't be serious but I know how bad a stomach upset makes me feel so I just want to make it go away for them
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Hope all goes well at the vet and they are feeling better soon, poor babies
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I've just seen this, sweetie Willow had a spot of similar trouble over New Year and bounced right back with some probiotic and bland food!

Sending many }}}VIBES{{{ to you and my furry neice and nephew
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Poor baby. Hope all is well. I know my babies had the same problem so had them both tested for worms even though they are indoor. Found nothing though after the Vet so they suggested giving my babies some butternut squash (baby food). I heard pumpkin is good (not the pie filling) also. Those will usually do the trick in getting the stool more solid and they are both gentle to the tummy. I will still get him to the vet ASAP.
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Thanks everyone.
We are back from the vet, the each got 2 injections, one antibiotic shot to clear up any infection and 1 to settle their guts (description the vet gave).
We also have some prescription food to keep them on for 5 days until their poop becomes more solid. If this doesn't happen they have to go back so they both get this out of their systems.
I have to say this is only my second ever visit to this vets surgery (had to change vets when we moved towns) and Im not overly impressed with them.
This guy really seemed like he just wanted to get us in and out as quickly as possible, whereas our old vets couldn't make enough fuss if they tried and were so so sweet to all the animals they saw.
Nismo has her boosters on Friday so I'll see how I feel after that but I think I may be changing surgeries.
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It is awful when we don't have confidence in our vet.
Both of your precious babies will be in my thoughts until you get this sorted out.
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I meant to change vets after Napoleon died, but didn't have time to see to it, and as a result I nearly lost Maisie. If you have an instinct that you are not happy, then change as soon as possible. Meanwhile, good vibes for the little ones.
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Thats not good if your not happy w/ your Vet Lauren

Sending many get well soon vibes to your babies!
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I hope both Sleeves & Nismo feel better soon! Whatever your first instinct of the vet was, go with it. I would switch before the booster shots. Then when you take Nismo for her shots, you could go to a new vet & not only get to know them, but also ask about the poop problems!
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I'm so sorry that your babies aren't feeling well. I'm thinking it is time you look for another vet. I'm not getting good vibes from your posts on this one.

Keep us updated on their progress.
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How are your babies feeling?
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Well Nismo went poop last night and it was almost normal!
Unfortunately Sleeves is still having diorhhea but Im keeping an eye on him
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Poor babies. Hopefully Sleeve's diarrhea will soon end, too.
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I just saw this Lauren. I'm sorry your babies aren't feeling well. I hope they are doing better soon. Is there another vet in your area you could try?
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I am glad that Nismo is doing better.
More healthy poo vibes on the way for sweet Sleeves.
Here's a calming hug for you Lauren.
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That's good news about Nismo's poo! I'm sure Sleeves' will follow suit in no time!

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Thankyou so much everyone
Sounds so funny discussing my babies' poo
We are good today thankyou, no messyness so far
I actually think neither of them will go for a couple of days now, after their injection, and their bodies will probably want to cling onto whatever it can after losing so much of its nutrients.
They are both as playful and loving as ever though
The decision breaker for me on Sat was Sleeves getting a little rough with me in the morning, thats how I knew he wasnt feeling well
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sounds like you caught it early enough to avoid any real harm.
i agree about the vet - i'd switch before Nismo's boosters. you can discuss the poo problem [even if it's over] w/the new vet & get a feel for his 'caring' level that way.
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Glad the squits are coming to an end! It is such a messy time when our babies have tummy troubles!

I agree that you should try to find a new vet that you're completely comfortable with - maybe ask around the neighbour (good way to get to know them too) and see if anyone has any recommendations for you
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I'm glad that everyone is feeling much better!
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