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Is this normal?

My mother has a cat who drools whenever you pet him. He purrs the second your hand touches his fur (if not first sight of you walking in the room). She's bad with animals and had kept 2 of the cats locked in the basement in pretty much total isolation (except for feedings and when she had to go down to laundry) for about 12 years. I really don't know how they lived as long as they did. I was a kid growing up there so had no control over it. One of them managed to find a duct up to the kitchen from the ceiling of the basement that led into the cabinet beneath the sink and he would purr and howl and bang his head against the door of the cabinet trying to get out, but we weren't allowed to touch him. That cat is dead now and he was the sweetest cat I've ever met in my entire life. The sweetest anything I've ever met. The other one got kind of weird and now he drools whenever you pet him and doesn't wash himself. He's got dreadlocks and he's a shorthaired tabby. He's living on the first floor of my mother's house now with my mother's boyfriend's cat. My mother's boyfriend's cat is larger and in better shape and has all his claws. The strange cat is quite fat and declawed and has a small frame. He has managed to become the dominant of the two. He still has very little human interaction, but it's better than all those years in the basement. Anyway, I guess I just wanted to know if drooling to the point of making huge puddles when a cat purrs is normal and if anyone has ever met another cat that refused to groom itself. Sorry, this story is so depressing. There's nothing I can do to change the circumstances.
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He could have a tooth problem, but if he drools when you pet him it means he is probably very happy. Cats drool when they are happy for some reason.

The dreadlocks and the not cleaning himself are a separate issue and he needs to see a vet to resolve them.
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My Ellie drools. It is all part of what I call her 'oral fixation' because she didn't grow out of sucking on people till she was two years old, and she still licks and grooms anything/one who will let her, person or animal. But her teeth are fine and she is healthy in every way. It makes pilling her difficult though, because she immediately foams and drools if you put anything in her mouth.
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I agree that a trip to the vet is in order (if you can get your mom to take him or let you take him), just to check his teeth & anything else the vet may want to look at. That being said my Isaac likes to do what I call "Fake Suckling" he puts his face on my arm, kneads my arm & drools all over my arm. It's just his way of telling me he loves me & thinks of me as Mom. I do think due to the cats poor coat condition it's probably over due for a vet trip. Good luck!
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It could be the shape of the cat's jaw. Our munchkin has a bit of a "bulldog-style" jaw, which is prone to drooling.
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Time for a VET VISIT and please make it as soon as you can... the deadlocks can be painful
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