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Will she get in the fireplace?

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My husband and I have a new Bengal kitten (well she is almost 7 months) and she is finally being allowed into our living room. Well, we have a fireplace that we never use --- but ZhaZha is VERY interested in it. My husband has used some zip ties and secured it shut, but if she really wanted to she could squeeze in through the sides. I've considered picking up a screen cover type thing, but all she will have to do is jump over it and we are back at square one. Eventually she will be left out and have free roam of the house when we leave and I don't want to have to worry the entire time she is out that she will go up the fireplace.

Any suggestions?


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Do you really think she could climb up there? Most fireplaces are made of brick, making them very difficult to climb. I wouldn't think she could go very far.
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I don't know how your fireplace is set up, so I don't know... but if her claws are clipped, she shouldn't be able to get a hold of the bricks and climb up.

I lived in a house that had a through fireplace. One of my cats was fascinated with it, and she'd try to run through it to the sunroom even when it was on. Perhaps your kitty will learn her lesson if you light it and let her explore it then!!
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We live in an apartment so it's not brick -- but I don't think she would have anything to grip onto if she did get in the fireplace. I'll make sure it is VERY clean this weekend and zip tie what I can closed and hope for the best.

I've also considered letting her get in it while I'm home so that if something does happen I'm home and can do something about it.
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I am not really sure what to tell you maybe try spraying the area of the fireplace with bitterapple so that it will deter her from the spot.
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I once nearly lost a kitten up a chimney. He went missing in the house and we called and searched for hours before tracing a faint meow to the fireplace. He had climbed up the chimney and the metal plate that shut the chimney off had closed behind him. Of course then it was very difficult to open it as he tried to climb down and was putting his weight on it. When we finally succeeded this mass of soot fell down with him in the middle of it! Bathnight all round. So do be careful - in my experience, if a cat can get somewhere, he will.
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I would say she probably could if she wanted to.Cats can climb and fit into tight spaces.
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You should have a "flu" in your fireplace. This closes off the chimney and prevents cold air from flowing into the house. If you want to use the fireplace the flu must be opened to allow the smoke to vent up the chimney. The flu is controlled by a handle (usually inside the fireplace at the base of the chimney) If the flu is closed, your kitten should not be able to climb up the chimney!
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Mine went in. came out all black and dusty and i had to bathe her. I had to get a screen taller and wider than the opening and then put dried prickly stuff in the cavity to make it unattractive to her.

in the new house we have glass doors and if I walked away with the doors open she would try going in and come out all sooty. Inquiring minds always need to know. obviously she stays well away when the fire is going.
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She may not even show interest in it..just wait and see what she does first..I would anyway.
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Mika has this same fascination with the fireplace - Bijou could care less. We have glass doors that firmly close when the fireplace is not in use and the regular screen for when the fire is lit. Since we never leave the fireplace unattended while in use, we are there to keep an eye on Mika and the doors are closed when not in use.
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Cats supposedly can jump onto the flue (I think it's the metal plate in the chimney), and get stuck there/climb into the chimney.

When Marge was tiny, and we had just moved into the house, I had a fire lit, and was lounging on the sofa. Before I could stop her, she ran in on the right side of the fireplace, around the back of the fire (yes, FIRE), and exited out the left side! All without singeing a hair! So, discouraging your kitty's interest in the fireplace is a good idea, whether or not she can get into the chimney!

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