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Can I mush for a minute? Please?

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I was posting in another thread and I starting thinking how lucky I am to have my hubby. I just got out of the hospital Wed and he was there everyday even took off of work to be with me and now is going and getting me foods I can barely eat, helping me with my meds, wakes up when I wince with pain asking me if I'm ok, I mean he's gone above and beyond the in sickness and health vow and I can only say, I'm one lucky woman to have a guy who's stuck by me through all of this. Ok, I have to stop before I cry and he askes me if I'm ok which will make me cry more.
Does anyone else have a wonderful hubby story to share?
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I don't have one, story or hubby but I am very happy for you! sounds like you have a one in million guy
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Oh, that's so wonderful! I know exactly how you feel. Last year, I went to the hospital with (another) kidney stone. Before I went in, I was in so much pain I couldn't even walk and this went on for three days. My husband took over EVERYTHING - he was taking care of our three young children, the whole house, cooking, cleaning... everything. He would wake me up every 30 min to drink water and take herbs (we were trying to flush them out using natural methods) and when I finally went to the hospital he came to visit EVERY SINGLE DAY, bringing all three kids with him (they were ages 3 and under, so this was a pretty big deal.) When I came home he took off work for a few days to continue doing EVERYTHING around the house. This whole thing repeated itself again about 3 weeks later (though we didn't go to the hospital that time) and he was right there for me again - never complained even one time. He was (and is!) amazing. How blessed we are to have such men in our lives!
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I'm very fortunate, too, to have a great husband. He's my best friend, understands me (and what I've been through), loves me anyway, knows just how to make me feel better when I'm upset, and he makes me laugh so hard that I can hardly catch my breath!

He's hard-working, brilliant, fun, adventurous, playful, capable, honest, and considerate. He's a great father. When he's at home, he washes dishes, does laundry, picks up, vacuums, and does anything else that he sees needs to be done. And, he does it without making me feel guilty because that's my job...

He brings me flowers "just because" and the way he loves me he makes he feel like the sexiest woman alive.

I could go on, but I guess I should stop now!

Cheers, from
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what a wonderful hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh that is so wonderful! I think my DH is still a bit young to be THAT dedicated (i.e., to do all those things without complaint), but I have hopes for him.

For example, I had the flu a couple of weeks ago and I asked him if he would mind staying home from work to help me out (there weren't any broth-type soups, crackers, or other sick-comfort foods in the house) and go to the store for me. He pondered, and thought about it, and made me feel guilty (booooo) but he did stay home, and he was glad he did. He realized WHY he needed to stay home after I put on a hoodie, long pj pants, socks, slippers, and was covered with THREE blankets.

So, there is hope, I just have to train him, lol.
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