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Livestrong bracelets.

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Does anyone here have a livestrong or related bracelet?

I used to have the Yellow Livestrong one, but it broke a few months ago. though I do have 5 others for other causes. I wear them all the time, never leave my wrist.

a [ink one for Breast cancer
I have a purple Relay for Life one
a red one that Supports our Troops
a blue one for the Canadian Cancer Society
and a blue and green one for the Childrens Hospital

Here's the best picture I could find, don't mind the cookie :P

I buy them if I see them at the cashier in a store. Just interest to see if anyone else on TCS has them.
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I have the cancer one- in memory of my family members who have suffered from cancer

I have a breast cancer one (pink), I'm a huge advocate of supporting research for breast cancer.

I also have one that supports Brain Cancer, thats very close to my heart- so I have one in memory of my 2 Great Uncles that passed from it
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I love my livestrong bracelet. It's the only one I have. I do have a livestrong badge that I use on another forum.
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i have one- but i don't wear it much. i got it when my best friends mom started her cancer treatement- i got one for everyone. and we wear them for every doc. visit and every appointment and treatment session she likes knowing how much support and love she has around her. (i don't wear mine every day- but i do wear it when she has her treatments)
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This is a post that hits home!!
Yes, I have a Yellow one for my dad who passed away from Cancer.
a Purple one also for GYN Cancer
a Blue one for Childhood diseases--from the University of Michigan Hospital
a pink one for Breast Cancer
I also have a pin that was made when my Dad passed away.I'll try and post a pic of it.

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Yes I have the pink one for Breast Cancer, My mother in law had it and so did one of my best friends, they are both Survivors (I also have every pink appliance, etc. for Breast cancer)
I have the Livestrong one
I have a blue ovarian cancer one..It Whispers is what it says
I have a purple one for animals
My DH and I also have one that says LIVEBLUE, it is a charity that the KY B-ball coach started.
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