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Flea Problem Need Help

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About two weeks ago I got two persians. They have a horrible case of fleas. I have bathed them twice in two weeks. I have used the flea comb on both kittens. I have sprayed the carpet, the furniture and everywhere in the house. I've vacuumed repeatedly. Today, I bathed them again. One of the kittens is too dark in color for me to see the fleas. The other one is white and when I bathed him today, he was ABSOLUTELY COVERED. This gives me an idea of what the other one is dealing with too. I have combed and combed and can not get all the fleas off of these cats. They're stuck tight. I will be getting the frontline for them. I really need to know if there is any way to get the fleas unstuck from the kittens' skin. They are 12 weeks old now. So far, their gums are still pink but if this continues I'm afraid these kittens will become anemic. PLEASE, if there is anything else I can do, I really need to know. I can't stand to see them itching and I hate knowing these fleas are taking over like they are.
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Have you tried a flea comb yet? Comb them with a flea comb and dip the comb in soapy water to kill the fleas. Put the frontline on them asap.
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Maybe you should take them to vet.They can give you products that works to the problem.Because your cats are just kittens they can get skin infections etc.When you bought those kittens were they fine?
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The vet said Advantage is the best!

Our babies had fleas before we got them - but they are all better now.

BTW, I also learned that down the road the cats could develop tape worms if they ate any of the fleas (which is likely). So just watch for that later too.
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