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How did they figure this out?

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It's been really cold here the past week. This morning the propane tank for the cat house ran out and I decided to wait and let DH change the tanks over when he got home. It got down to about 40 in there and I felt bad, so I plugged in a heated blanket and spread it over the futon for them. Since I was going to be home all day I decided it should be okay as long as I checked on them occasionally.

Normally one or two cats nap on the futon, and when I went back to the house the first time there was only one cat laying on the blanket. The next time I go out to check on them, FIVE cats are on the futon. Everyone who normally naps on the big round bed (has a pad in the middle that reflects their bodyheat) has moved over onto the futon. So...how did they know to do that?
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Maybe the other kitty told them?? lol. I donno. Maybe they could feel the warmth.
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I've never known a kitty who could resist something that emits heat like that!
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I hear the twilight zone music.... it's kitty paranormal activity.
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That's cute... you should have taken a picture!
I guess they learn quickly! I know my cats are attracted like magnets to the warm places in our house.
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He, he. Our cat used to wake us up early every morning for her Meow Mix breakfast. She'd jump on the bed and off the bed and again for two hours straight. We overslept a week or so ago because she suddenly didn't wake us up: the electric blanket was turned on and she really liked it! She'll still jump on and off these days but not constantly: she'll curl up and take mini-naps in between. She's so cute.
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