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Over the last 4 or 5 days, the changes we made to accommodate the new vbplaza updates have been keeping me busy correcting user account issues from our mentors all the way to our paying members. Now that I have a moment, I have to remind the membership that thread replies consisting of all smilies or a bunch of smilies and just a word or two is still not acceptable. This reminder is in regards to an existing rule long before my time and that old rule calls them spam posts.

10. a) We will not allow spamming. Threads about nothing or for the sole purpose of bumping up post counts are not allowed and will be removed without notice. This includes duplicate posts.
A database search shows that there has been an increase in these types of posts and if everyone started posting like this, the server could slow down more than is acceptable. However, the team has agreed that there is a forum fit for these kinds of replies as long as it doesn't get out of hand. From now on there is one forum where we will allow these kinds of posts: Fur Pictures Only. This thread isn't to single anyone out and nobody has been in any trouble over this. We'd just like to head this trend off at the pass so-to-speak and continue seeing the quality posts that we've been used to from the past. The thread title is just a ploy. Back to regular scheduled programming.