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Anal gland problem?

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My 8 year old cat, Vinny, has had a problem on and off for about 6 months -- he's been pooping on our bathroom rugs on and off -- sometimes everyday for a week, other times he'll go a few weeks or so without doing it, do it for 2 days, and then stop for a few weeks, etc. Recently, we thought switching litter fixed it as it had been about a month since he did anything on the bathroom rug -- but about 10 days ago he had diarrhea twice on them -- then stopped until yesterday (and today) and had solid, but very VERY smelly poop on the bathroom rugs. If we remove the rugs, he will go in the litter boxes and nowhere else, but here's the thing...

Would an anal gland blockage cause this? I noticed a week or so ago that Vinny had a very "dirty bum" compared to my other cat, Sherman. Also (I apologize if this sounds crude or abnormal, I'm just trying to figure out what's wrong with my baby!), upon even closer examination, it appears that his anal glands are blocked or impacted. Each one appears like a pimple, with a white head, when I apply light pressure to the area. Also, his bum looks quite red and irritated. He is not scooting on the ground, though. Is there a way I can easily drain his anal glands? Or, he has a vet appointment in 2 weeks for shots -- should I bring it up to them then?

Help would be much appreciated!
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When you take him in for his shots (or is you can get the appointment moved up a bit) ask then. The vet can show you how to do it and then you can if it happens again. It is really easy but rather gross

It sounds like thats exactly what it is. Could be worms too. Or both. The vet will fix him up!
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I think anal glands may be the problem. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to fix. You might want to contact the vet's office to see if his appointment can be moved up because while anal gland problems are by no means deadly, they are pretty uncomfortable.
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When I got my kitten from the shelter, she was host to several different kinds of worms and parasites plus a nasty cold and, from this, developed blocked anal glands. The vet just relieved them there right in front of me. Took a few seconds. Didn't seem to bother her more than anything else during that visit and her bathroom habits became much more regular afterwards.

If you don't think he's gotten this from worms or parasites and you haven't changed his diet lately and he doesn't have pica, it might be a good idea to get a full scan on his digestive system just to make sure there aren't any more serious problems.

My vets were never able to detect my cat's worms or parasites from their tests, but she sure had them. From my own research, I found that a number of parasites can lie dormant for quite a while and sort of reactive at random (when the population gets high enough). It may be that he's had something for a while or even since birth that only recently has multiplied to a degree that it's effecting him. Or maybe he's just showing you who owns the rugs!

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Thanks, guys. It's good to know that my instincts are probably correct.

I got Vinny about a year ago from a coworker of mine, and she said he NEVER did this at her house -- even with 4 cats and only 1 litter box. He did it twice when we first got him, and we thought naturally that it was just because he moved from the only place he'd ever known into an unknown place with unknown people. Then, he was fine for almost 5 months until we got our other cat, Sherman. He had a fecal exam around that time and everything checked out fine. I haven't noticed any visible sign of worms in his excrement, but we'll see what happens. But, if it was something more serious like that, wouldn't he find somewhere else to go once the bathroom rugs aren't out anymore? Because if they're not out, he goes in the litter boxes no problem.

Sherman's going to the vet on Monday for his shots so I'll give the vet the scenario and see what he wants me to do.
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