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HOORAY!!!! I love happy endings. That's so cute that she came right out when you called her. She knows who loves her! The lady who found her also sounds very nice, I think it would be lovely to get her chocolate and a card.
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Wibble!! Sorry I'm so late in posting on this thread!!! I know just how you feel as two of my babies went missing on the same day a while ago, and I just recently got them back!!! I'm SOOOOOO pleased for you!!!! Its the best feeling when they come running to you after having been missing for a while!!!
Many congrats on getting little Jinxy back
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Yeah - sorry for the late post too, but I'm SO relieved Jinxy is OK and back home safe with you.

Give her stacks of cuddles from me!!
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Well Jinxy got the all clear from the vets on monday

Unfortuantly her mum isn't so lucky, I managed to break my little toe this morning, and I am currently hobbling around.

My work weren't very sympathetic they were to busy laughing at me, still I suppose it's not everyday someone breaks a bone due to running away from their partner's hugs
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Oh wibble, I hope your toe gets better soon. Such a small toe always causes so much pain.

But!! Do tell us about the running-away-from-my-partner's-hug-and-broke-my-toe story!!
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lol, well it is all his fault, he decided to make up a nice song this morning and was singing Marie is Annoying, Marie is a pain ect so I sulked at him ( not hard to do in the morning anyway). He then tried to hug me to make up for being mean so I ran away with him chasing me, arms outsretched, and unfortuantly I didnt look what I was running into.

On the plus side I get to blame him for it all, and make him slave away looking after me :tounge2:
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LOL! Such a cute story.

...Hopefully that toe will heal and become pain free, and we'll have ANOTHER happy ending!

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