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Jinxy is missing

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I know I am probably going to sound over panicked, but Jinxy has been missing since this morning.

I know it hasn't been long, but she hardly ever goes out apart from when I am outside or occasionaly in the front section of the back garden.

It is so unlike her to go outside for a long period of time so I am going a bit frantic and been looking like a mad woman going up and down our street calling her.

I just don't know what to do, ive left some food on the doorstep just in case she is close by, and if she's not back by tommorow I will be calling up the local vets and animal shelters. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.
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She's probably just exploring and will be home soon.
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You're a CRAZY CAT WOMAN, and that's nothing to be ashamed of! Sending "Come Home Jinxy" prayers out there. Keep us posted.

And you're just being a good Mum, and don't let anyone say otherwise.

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Does your kitty eat canned food? Hissy recommended to someone else with a missing kitty tape-recording popping a can and heading out at night and playing the recording real loud. She mentioned the neighbors weren't happy about it, but it worked for her! :tounge2:
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Wibble - wishing Jinxy a safe return.

Have you tried rattling her biscuit box or clanking a spoon against her food bowl?

Does she have a cat flap so she can come back in on her own if she turns up in the middle of this night?

Keep us posted as we're all worrying on your behalf . . .
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Thank you so much for understanding that I am not mad, just a cat mummy, it does make a diffence knowing that you all understand.

Ive been rattling the cat treat box with no luck, I have also asked both sets of neighbours to keep an eye out and check their sheds tommorow when it is light again.

I do have a cat flap, which I will leave unlocked tonight, so I am hoping she will find her way back.

Thankfully she does have an id tag on her collar,although it is a saftey one so may have come off, and she has her id chip.

Will let you know how things look tommorow.
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wibble, She's probably just investigating the neighborhood. Nevertheless, the longer she's gone, the harder will be to find her. If she's gone overnight, I'd start calling the neighbors, the vets, speaking to the children, calling the animal shelters, and the police, even if they aren't very helpful (They weren't helpful to Rhea.) I'm glad she has a microchip. Did you read Rhea's thread about her cats being found? She, after a couple of days, called shelters, neighbors, radio stations, called the nearby school, and put posters in people's doors, on poles, and in businesses. She worked at finding them every evening, all evening after work. I hope your baby's not missing that long, but if she doesn't come home by tomorrow, let us know. We'll all try to help. In the meantime, there's a Jinxy prayer going up right now.
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Wibble...Jinxy is prolly just out splunking somewhere...looking for new adventures!

I will however say a prayer for Jinxy's safe return.

XOXO from Jedi!
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Paws crossed here for a safe and happy return!
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Any updates??
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Still no sign of her

This is so unlike her to wander from our garden, and I have heard that cats who aren't used to exploring are more likely not to be able to figure their way back.

I have called the vets and the 2 shelters who deal with this area who were very understanding, and I am aslso in the process of making a poster to go into the shop on our road.

Unfortuantly the town were I live in did suffer a series of cats going missing a few months back, a road not to far from us had 4 cats go missing on the same night. I know that won't happen to jinxy as she is a mummys girl and won't let strangers get to close. But it's still a scary thought.
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We are all protectors and nurtures of the people and animals that we love. You are my hero....for love has no bonderies for you, the babbies who are loved gratly and your only showing concern. Never be ashamed of that. And never stop worrying.

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We are all stil, praying for a happy ending!
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Hissy also recommends leaving out a t-shirt or something soaked with your scent (like after you work out in it). (I feel silly quoting you, Hissy. Hope you don't mind.)

The same thing happened to me when Squirt was lost several years back. I think he went exploring and lost his way back. I found him after 2 weeks. He was hanging out in another area of my apartment complex. I got a lead from a lady who responded to a flyer I put up.
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Wibble I am sorry to hear that Jinxy is missing. i am praying she comes home soon and jumps into your arms and showers you with licky kisses.

Hugs from all of us
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wibble, Could you have that poster taken to a xerox machine? I would post Jinxy's picture all over town. The reason I suggested talking to children is that they're outside a lot and usually know more about what's happening in the neighborhood than the adults do. You could hire a couple of kids to put posters on poles, in storm doors, and stores. You slip put some (gently) under windshield wipers on parked cars; just saturate the area, and offer a reward.

Speak to the principal of the school and see if they will allow you to post a picture; if not post it on a telephone pole near the school. Someone was feeding Rhea's cat, and called her. The school custodian also called and said he knew where the other one was. Of course, if she's nearby, she will come to you--if terrified, which she probably is--during the quiet hours of the night. As Deb said, put very sweaty clothes on the porch so that Jinxy can get your scent. They have a great sense of smell, and it will help her find you. Put some good smelling canned cat food in the dry food you have out for her. God bless and good luck. We're praying for good news!
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Oh I am so sorry to hear that Jinxy is missing!!!!!! Is there any news yet???? I will send up a prayer for Jinxy right now and keep us posted!!!!
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Sending out "COME HOME TO MUM, JINXY" vibes for you.

You have gotten some good advice so far. I have been told when putting up Lost posters, be sure to put REWARD on it. Don't specify what the reward is. It adds a little incentive for people to keep an eye out for your baby, and to not just turn her in to the shelters.
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Thanks for all the advice,

I have placed a signs up offering a reward.

Tommorow I am going to start going around to more of the houses on the street. I have already done a few today, and they said they will keep a look out for me.

The school idea is really good, as althought it is a fair way from me the children close by will probably look harder.

And I will try the t shirt idea.

I just want her back now as 2 nights is getting to be to long.
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My heart is with you, Wibble. Remember what to do at night--the sweaty clothes and good smelling food. Wait until everything's quiet--after midnight and before rush hour. God bless and bring Jinxy home.
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Sending prayers and positive energy to help you find Jinxy. Hopefully, she will be safely back home by the time you read this.
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Jinxy is home!!!

I had a call this morning from a lady a few doors down saying she saw a cat late last night but her dog scared it and the cat went under the shed. She had tried coaxing her out with no joy but could hear her still.

So I wnt over and it was great, as soon as I called her, Jinxy came running out and let me pick her up straight away, she clearly knows who her mummy is.

She doesnt seem hurt just a bit dirty and scared, she hasn't let me put her down since we got back and is sitting with me right now. But I will take her to the vets tommorow for a check over, just in case.

The lady who found her was great and refused to take the reward, so I am going to buy her some chocolates and a card to say thanks.

And everyone here has been great, you all understood how much ours cats mean to us and didn't treat me as if I was just being overly protective, thank you everyone

Now its time to snuggle up with both my kitties.

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YEAH!!!! YIPEE!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!
:blubturq: :laughing:

Party time Jinxy is HOME!!!!!!

We are so happy!!!!!
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Loads of kitty kisses to a frightened little girl! Now, Jinxy, stay home and don't worry Mommy again!
wibble, It's such a joy to hear the wonderful news! Enjoy all the loving! We're so happy for you. God bless.
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YIIPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Oh it sure sounds like a happy ending! The Vet, hopefully, will confirm that. What a relief for all!!! After our little Laz escaped, he had no interest in going out again. So glad Jinxy doesn't want to be anywhere but in your lap! Skritches from me.
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I am so glad she is back! Hurray for Jinxy. With luck, her little adventure was enough for her, and she won't try to go too far again.

My cats got locked in the laundry room one night. They haven't shown much interest in going back, and that was only for a few hours.

Cats are smart, as we all know. Jinxy knows what's best for her.
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Great News wibble! Woo hoo Jinxy!!
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I am so happy she is home!!!!
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YIPPEE SKIPPEE............
Here is a welcome party for Jinxy !!!
:blossom: :girlie: :dali: :egypt: :chicken: :chicken: :girlie: :icecream: :icecream: :jarswim: :jarswim: :pinky: :pinky: :flash: :flash: :laughing: :laughing: :clown: :clown:
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Yay, Jinxy is home! I am so happy for you! :pinky: :goodbad: :angel2:
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