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new kitty not happy...

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she wants to kill my other cat she saw for half a minute...on the bright note she likes to eat...everything. its going to be a wild night i can just see. well at least interviewer will be a bit understanding?LMAO
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Hopefully things will settle down soon for you.
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i hope things go well ryanjay. when we got jasmine she disliked charlie very much and they always fought, two years later they may take a swipe every few months but it has definately improved. i think they just get to the point where they know they wont win and have to share a house lol
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Have they been introduced properly?
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i was holding her and she saw charlie on ground and she got all hissy...lol actually i have 22 other cats so until she gets spayed/recovered i won't introduce them-thats the "quarantine" I do I figure a good 2 weeks is time enough for something to show up...I am keeping her caged in bathroom and then move her cage into my room so she can take on the sites lol...after taht shell have free run when she shows she can deal...her biggest thing right now is cause she was starving shes food agressive. been working on that-holding her bowl moving finger so she learns I GIVE food never take it away. the others so know something is up cause they are all by the bathroom door(ugh that will make it hard to get in lmao. I know they get like that-oh well another is in house but hey my food is still here...
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