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oh guys save me

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so i get a call from mom sister in law founda kitten-drive out to find she fond a 5 ish month old(has both canine teeth-baby and adult) so yeah i took her home...shes brown and white tabby-the white belly and feet. purrs and just wants to be held dewormed her and gave her a bath. looks in great shape except i am a bit worried about pregnancy(just cause of weather and her age is right-she dont look it at all and shes starving to death her backbone is showing and you see a great tuck in her tummy. thinking of naming her tracy:P so here is yet another one....
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Aw, bless you for taking this baby in
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she wants nothign to do with the cage-it was good when she first came as it had eats but now just wants a lap and to give kisses..very easy going but doesnt think much of the cats she has seen...i hope she gets spayed no problem i weighed her and shes 3.5 lbs ugh looks like she needs at least another 1.5 lbs
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your an amazingly compassionate person... Love that little kitty for all of us!
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How sweet of you, give her sweet kitty kisses from my babies!
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Awwwww good on you!!

I assume you've put up posters in the area she was found just in case she is owned and just escaped?
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no, sadly this cat was put in a truck that my brother has(he has attachments to it;P). My brother uses it asa garage storage(tools and the like) he went in wed night to get jumper cables and thought he heard somethign but didnt see anything...then this am sil went to get salt cause it snowed and heard somethign looked and looked then found my lil girl. she has been in there at least a full day prob more. thank god it snowed otherwise she might have just died in there(((( she is very ooutgoing with ppl -had her on a harness and leash(using the harness i got for my then 2 1/2 month old kitten and i had to size it down as it was to loose.
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Well, maybe she managed to finnagle her way into the truck, seeking shelter. At any rate, she is safe now!! Bless you for caring for her - sounds like she wouldn't have lasted much longer, poor baby Now she has a future
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