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A new home for Arek

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White Cat Lover told me that when the right home came along for Arek, we would “know.†We’ve had several applicants on him in the short time he‘s been on our website, and though they were all good homes, none of them were the homes I wanted Arek to go to. More to the point, none of them were homes I was willing to loose him for. My husband thought that perhaps I should just take him off the website if I was going to continue turning people down who would have otherwise been approved (had it been another cat.) He would ask me “why†I turned them down (some of them single-home families with previous Maine Coon experience) and I couldn’t tell him… I just felt it was not the home I wanted him to go to. But just a little while ago, we were contacted by someone and I just “knew.†I knew that if I’m going to let him go to any other home at all, this is going to be the one. Her last cat died at age 15 of natural causes. The cat she had before that was a feral and she worked with her for a YEAR before she was finally able to bring her into the house. In the end, the previously feral cat became a very loving “lap cat†and when she was telling me how she achieved this, she gave me a very detailed explanation and quoted almost verbatim everything we have been doing with Arek since he came to live with us. She has been approved through Maine Coon Rescue (and I know how difficult they are to get approved through) and she is on their waiting list for a cat. She lives in Cincinnati Ohio, about an hour from my Mother in Law. As she was describing her last cat (the Maine Coon) she could have been describing our own cat… she dealt with some of the same issues and completely understands them and how to deal with them. She is also single with no children and is home by 3pm every weekday, and home every weekend. So in the end I’m both extremely sad and very happy to say that Arek may be going to a new home next weekend. I really believe that this is what is best for him, but WOW is this hard. Of all my animals Arek is the one I love the most. He has pooped in my floor more times than I can count, peed in the bathtub so often it is now permanently stained, and he rarely wants anything to do with me. But for some unimaginable reason, I would give up every one of my other animals before I would give him up if I felt that keeping him was the best decision. But the more my husband and I talk about it, the more I see that keeping him would be a SELFISH thing to do, and he NEEDS to be in another home, in a more quiet atmosphere where he can grow to love and trust someone without fear. He may even become a “lap cat†some day. That makes me jealous… and sad that I couldn’t do that for him.

I’m going to miss him horribly. I didn’t think I would have to face this so soon. Thank you again for all your support… you guys are probably the only people who really understand what I’m going through right now, and that support has meant a lot to me.

I’ll keep you updated.
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I am sending some hugs from Mississippi to you, I know you need them now. I know that you know in your heart if this is the right home or not. And it sounds like you do.

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You are doing the right thing for ALL involved! Don't beat yourself up over this and I'm sending vibes it's the right home.
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It must be very hard The important thing is that Arek will be happy
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Oh sweety.... I know its hard, but it does really sound like you are doing the best thing for him. And it sounds like this woman is the perfect person to rehome him with. Just imagine yourself as Arek and what he wuold want and be happy with.

Would she be willing to send you updates and photos on how he's doing every now and then so you can keep in touch with your favorite kitty? You mentioned she was 1 hour from your MIL, does this mean you would get to visit him?
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Aren't you glad you waited though?

You could have adopted him out to anyone, but taking White Cat Lover's advice really helped make things easier because YOU KNOW he'll be happy.

Give him a big hug from all of us before he goes. Oh wait, no tell her about TCS!! Then you'll never be apart!
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Many hugs coming from me and my babies to you This is a very unselfish and most importantly a VERY brave thing to do. .
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
Oh wait, no tell her about TCS!! Then you'll never be apart!
That's a great idea!!!

Thank you all for the 's and support. I've already decided that if she tells me she changes her mind, or if something falls through I'M DONE. If this home doesn't work out, then he's staying right here with me!!! I can't do this!

I'm going to go post some kitten pictures. That's the best way I can think of to cheer myself up right now.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
It must be very hard The important thing is that Arek will be happy
(((((((((((((((((((vibes))))))))))))))))))))))) and prayers comming your way sweetie! I know it's hard- but you are doing the right thing and acting in the best interest of your kitty! It takes a strong, kind person to do that
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Wow, I can't believe my advice was actually useful!

I'm glad that you've found a home that you just feel is right. I mean, you know Arek best, that means that only you can know what home is best. I really think that you are making the right decision. to you!
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That must be so hard, but you know when something is right, and it will be for the best.
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You did what you thought was right for Arek, and that is all that matters. I am sending some hugs from Mississippi to make you feel better.

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