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Also- i noticed- some of the symptoms of PCOS- i do not have (the hair problems, and stuff like that) so just because i have pcos- doesn't mean every symptom applies to me- so that's positive!
I didn't have the hair problem when I was in my 20's either. As I've gotten older the natural hormone changes that we go through on top pf the PCOS have meant an increase in the number of dark hairs appearing on my chin and upper lip I either pluck them or wax them. I have purchased 2 or 3 home electrolosis kits but they don't seem to work.

Also- for those of you who do have pcos- what on earth do you take for the cramping? mine is still going non-stop
Ibruprofen around the clock as you need it, and hot water bottles.

Having PCOS is not the end of the world. It's actually a very common condition that afflicts very many women.