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Need help

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I guess I am not the computer genius I thought I was, because I want to post a picture in one of the threads from my computer, and I cannot figure out what to do.

Any suggestions?
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The best thing is ask Anne. She's a pro at it.
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Which forum is that? Basically you need to add the image code to the url of the picture like this:


Just change the brackets into square brackets. I have to check that all the forums supporty this. I think I set all of them, but I might have missed one.

By the way, it does mean that you need to have the picture uploaded on the internet somewhere. You could use the url of picture in the cat pages for that or most urls of pictures on the net. To find out a picture's url, right-click on the picture in your browser and select properties. There just copy the URL and paste it here (don't forget to add the img tags).

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any more help in the matter. I'd love to see your pics!
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I guess I wasn't too clear on my question. Is it possible to post a picture without it being posted on the internet somewhere?

Also, I 'd like to post pictures on my cat pages, but the files are too big. I don't know how to fix this, as I don't have a scanner. I had to have these pictures done at the local photo shop.
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Yes, you do need to have them somewhere on the web.

Make a cat page without the pictures and then email the pics to me - anne@thecatsite.com and I'll resize them in photoshop and upload them to your cat page. Just send the pics and the page number. Then you can always take their URL from the cat page.
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