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Great Soup recipe!

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I made this last night and it was fantastic !!


The site looks interesting and with it being so cold out, I may have to try a few of the other soup recipes.
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I LOVE lentil soup. If you take some pita bread and cut it into bite size pieces and fry it in olive oil, it is excellent on top of lentil soup! Thanks for the recipe
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That sounds great! I'll have to try it
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Ohh I might just have to try that when winter is here!
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It sounds good, but what kind of lentils did you use? The dried ones really differ as to cooking times. The orange/red ones cook quickly, but I can't see the brown or green ones being tender in 45 minutes, especially if they haven't been soaked for hours.
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The package just says "lentils" on it. Under preparation on the bag is says "Lentils do not require soaking". These look brown. The package says to cook 50-60 minutes.
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Looks delicious!

Lentils are your favourite my friend?
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I have these white beans and i have no idea how to cook them, i chucked them into my minestrone with out reading the package and they were horrible! *shudder*
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I am going to try that, sounds yummy!
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That looks like a great site Karen! I was just perusing through cattitude last night.....thinking I have 1/2 chicken frozen with skin & all for soup making....and chunks of beef too! Mmmmmm......

My DH's gramom makes this awesome ham & bean soup, in a red broth....it is SO good, I've always wanted to make it, but she's one of those that never really gives you a recipe so that you can't make it like hers.....
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