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Kitty Hands

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How many of you have "kitty hands"? I'll explain

I'm an optician so I work with glasses, fix them, adjust them etc. That means most people are looking at my hands as I fix their glasses. Many times, I'll get the comment, "you must own a cat". I usually have at least one small scratch on my hand on a regular basis. Right now I have 3 (got swiped while playing)

Sometimes my kitties like to play pretty rough and other times, my hand gets grabbed rather than the toy! I never really worry about it, but it's funny the comments I get sometimes. Most people that ask me about it are cat lovers too and recognize the scratches!
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I guess I do. although I don't have any scratches right now. Then again, I had hand scratches before I owned a cat from fixing parts inside a computer.
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no ones every asked me that, but i do have kitty hands, most of the time at least with 6 cats ur bound to have a scratch sometime ecspecially with bella and stormie, and now blue and tessa are "hand holders"
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Opps! This was supposed to post in cat lounge Can I move it?
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Thanks for moving this
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I have scratches on my wrists all the time... looks like the kitts were trying to commit harry carry on me.
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Ben has been good lately but I do have scars from him and others.

BTW I wanna learn how to adjust glasses. My place hates me cause I always bend them and need adjustments. I know they have something nasty on my file. Well I wouldn't blame them. The store manager knows me by name. LoL
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I do! I always get comments about the scratches on my hands/arms. I even have scars on my wrists that look like a botched suicide. I just tell people my kitties are trying to kill me.
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