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I shut Seamus' paw in the car door!

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I was getting groceries out of the car and Seamus had followed me into the garage. He was on the car and I guess he reached his paw out and it got caught when I shut the door.

My vet said to make an appt. and watch him to see how he does over a couple of hours and I may not need to bring him in. There doesn't appear to be any swelling and he's not limping anymore. He's also forgiven me and has decided to let me near him again. He hid behind the washer for a while right after it happened.

I feel terrible. I may bring him in anyway.
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Oh No...
Poor Seamus.
You did not do it on purpose...
it was an accident.
Try not to feel to bad...just love your baby.

Let us know if you have to go to the vet.
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Poor little guy!

Hope he feels better and doesn't require a vet trip. Keep us posted.
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I wanted to love on him, but he wouldn't let me near him until a little while ago. My poor baby.
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Aww poor baby!! It happens
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I know how you feel as I trapped Mosi's paw in a door a couple of days ago and the poor lad really screamed and looked upset. He's fine though and has forgiven me now so it's all water under the bridge. Just keep an eye on it in case of any swelling and be extra nice to him by way of apology!
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Oh Poor baby. How is he now? Does his paw seem ok?
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Poor Seamus. I hope his little paw feels better by now and that he doesn't have to see the vet. Hugs to both of you.
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Cookies always seem to do the trick to win back love if I accidentally step on a paw or tail or drop something near him, hehe.... good luck and I hope he doesnt need a vet trip!
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I decided to go ahead and take him anyway, since he was about due for his annual checkup. His paw shows no sign of break or dislocations, the vet did say he probably has a bruise and may favor it for a few days.

We were also informed that Seamus is...obese. He weighed in at 15.3lbs, and they said he should be 12.7lbs. So now I have to decide whether to switch him to their recommended Royal Canin Fit-for-life cat food plan, or another brand.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and concern for my precious
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If he is not limping, it is probably not broken. Or at least I wouldn't think so. But it will be sore. He probably knows you didn't do it on purpose... A little loving will help him.. Poor little baby kitty..... I have shut a finger in the door more times than I can count and it throbs a bit but it get better...

I am sending hugs your way for poor little seamus...
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Oh No....
I glad that his paw will be OK but it's just not fair.
Seamus get his paw shut in a car door and now he has to go on a diet?
It's a bad day sweet boy.
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