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I wish I could breathe

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I had viral pneumonia last week (caught from a coworker who likes to share too much) and was flat on my back at home with a high fever for three days, then had to go right back to work because I ran out of sick time.

I've been feeling lots better this week, but I just can't take a deep breath for the life of me, and I'm continually exhausted from lack of oxygen. Another coworker of mine was diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday and is now out sick.

I'm going to the doctor in a little while to see if I can get an inhaler or something to help me be able to start actually breathing again.

I hate winter - too much sickness flying around! I'm paranoid about that stomach noro virus going around, too, as it just hit our area and hit it hard - I have no more sick time available, so I jus don't know what I'll do if I catch that - makes me a bit scared to even go to my doctor's office today - what if there are people there with the norovirus?!
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Sorry you haven't been feeling good!
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Please take good care...sending good, healthy thoughts your way...

Hilda >^..^<
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Aww, being sick is NO fun Hope you start feeling better very soon!
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I hope you feel better soon!

I'm in the middle of a bad cold right now, so you're not alone
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Oh it is rotten being sick......... hopefully your doc. can give you something to ease things for you
Have you tried a natural remedy, you know like some sort of menthol product & a vapouriser to help ease breathing. They also say congestion is worse when you are lying down, it is best to keep your head upright or elevated when sleeping
Take care !!
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