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Opinions wanted...Help

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Hi all,
I am new to this forum and I have read alot of helpful tips here. In july I had to put down my beloved Chia a 20 1/2 year old female Seal point Siamese. I always said that when something happened to her that I would get 2 kittens. Well I called a few breeders and there were no kittens until the fall. Well in August I was down at our beach house and a beautiful Black/chestnut Brown Long Haired cat walked into the house. Our neighbor told us that she belonged to a women up the street, so we took her back home. The women proceeded to tell us that she rescues strays and that she got Boo when she was just a hand full of fur around Sept 2001. So she is about a year old. She had her fixed and got her all her shots and she loved her and was going to keep her for herself. But one day in the Spring of 2002, when Boo was out, someone brought her a cat in labor, who then went on to have the kittens in her house. Well when Boo came home and pranced into the house the mother cat attacked her. The women told me that Boo didnt love her anymore and if I wanted her I could have her. Boo was in my daughters arms sleeping and she growled at the women. So we took her back to our house and she adapted really well, she wanted to go out at first but since i live in a busy area up north I dont want to let her out, she got used to it and she got used to my dog pretty quickley. Ok so summer is over and we bring her home to our house up north, she instantly smells my Chia and starts hissing and growling. She again after a day or two got used to Chias scent in the new house. She makes her self at home, she is aloof but pleasant. She is not a lap cat and I accept that. She lets me love her, kiss her pet her and she loves for me to play with her. She is quite gentle, I have had her a full month and not once has she scratched me or bit me hard. She play bites and grabs my arm with her claws but gently, no marks or blood.
Ok now my daughter brings home a female kitteen. Oh no....she is nasty, growling, hissing, and if my hand were there she would bite it.
I am afraid to touch her when she is like this. I have the kitten in the bathroom with the door shut and let my daughter take her into other rooms with the door shut. So the kittens smell is getting into other rooms, hoping that Boo would get used to it like she did Chias smell. It has been only 1 week but I think that Boo is getting worse. I myself do not handle the kitten because I dont want her smell on me, but Boo still hisses at me. She is even hissing at my dog. I have Rescue Rememdy in the house (I used it for my dog and traveling in the car and it worked great)so I just gave it to her. I hope that it helps. I am fearful that she will not accept the kitten because she was attacked and I dont want to make my daughter give up the kitten. Any other opinions and ideas please.
Also I think that she is spraying in my dining room, Do spayed cats still spray? Any suggestions to find out where the smell is....
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Hi Dawn,

Welcome to the board. Boo sounds like she needs to be the only kitty in the house. Some cats are just like that, but she will adjust to the newcomer if you give it enough time and do it properly. I do rescue of ferals and I am constantly having to introduce cats together. I have a system that has served me well and will be happy to share it with you. It is long and involved and I don't want to just put it up here and make this into a novel, so I will email you if that is okay?

In the meantime, just be with Boo and don't lose your patience with her. It could be (and I am just guessing) but when she was with that other woman, it could be that she tried to hurt the new kittens or the mother cat to such a degree that the woman lost her cool and hurt Boo without meaning to.This could also be why Boo has such an adverse reaction to other people with a new cat in the house. But like I said, I am just guessing. =) There is always an adjustment period for two animals before you should put them together, and done over their time, and not ours, it usually works out just fine.

I will email you now. Oh yes, and female cats who have been spayed will also spray if they are feral and see the need to mark territory.

oops- why don't you send me your email addy if that is okay? I can't access yours. You can reach me at maryanne@thecatsite.com
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Hi Hissy,
Thanks for your response yes please email me. Actually Boo was the one that got attacked by the cat that had just given birth, at least that is what the women said, all I know is that Boo growled at that women when she talked to her. The women said that after Boo got attacked that Boo would come back to the house to eat only and that Boo didnt love her anymore.
Thanks again,
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