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Does anyone have any cute stories about when their kids or nieces were babies

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I watched my niece yesterday and she is so cute she loves music and she will stand and wiggle around to music of any kind and she has learned to wristle. Well she learned to wristle very early on. Well we sing this little thing to her we say, shake shake your booty and we taught her to wriggle her booty when we do it and she does it all the time when she hears music or us saying shake shake your booty. And she gets to laughing and its so cute. I just love her little laugh.
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Aw, I probably have a bajillion stories, but don't want to bore everyone

My little neice will be 2 in May, and just learning how to talk..so everything you say she will repeat it..

One time when she was being mischievious and running rampant in the house..I asked her "why are you so crazy, do ya want me to beat you?" (KIDDING OF COURSE) and she looked at me and said "Beatyou?" It came out like "beetyoo"..

OMG it was soooooooooo cute I looooooooove it when she repeats me, she is so smart and observant..and the words sound so cute coming from her..

*disclaimer* -of course I would never beat her..It was for fun and everyone was laughing. Its like when you call your kid a bugger..that is a nasty word, but you don't actually MEAN it.
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Kaylee fell asleep in my arms last night and slept for like 45 minutes well dad said she needed to wake up so she slept through the night. Well he started callin her name to wake her and I set her up and she looked at him with this dirty look and then laid her little head back on me and kept doing it until we got her woke up. And then she was still mad at him. And everytime I tried to leave the living room she would start crying. But she also got mad because I had a soda and wouldn't share, she's a bit too young for soda.
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Youngest greatnephew - at his third birthday, Mom and I gave him 3 - $1 bills because we had been sick and unable to shop. He opened the card and was quite surprised and pleased. He knew what money was and nephew used the chance to get him to use his counting.

A couple of days later, at a party with his mom's side of the family, he opened the first card, looked at it, then shook it. He then said, "How rude!". Nephew explained about our card, they all laughed and started taking out their wallets.
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Hey atleast he's learning early about money.
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When my son, Alex Jr, was pretty young was about the time I started to have trouble with my eyesight...reading and stuff. I decided I would wear reading glasses. He was so upset about that. He told me that I shouldn't...just get contacts instead. I asked him why. He said...and this just melted my heart...''because you have the most beautiful eyes and I want to be able to see them''...... awwww my baby...I miss that innocense so much...

Hilda >^..^<
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My oldest son was 5 and he was meeting his youngest brother for the first time in the hospital. The nurse brought in Jordan my youngest and Brandon my oldest was sitting with me on the bed. She gave Jordan to me and then helped Brandon hold Jordan. First thing that popped out of his mouth was. " But I wanted a brown baby!" I will never forget the look on the nurses face. Brandon really thought he could just choose what color he wanted his baby to be!
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Don't you love when they are at that age.
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When my nephew, Matthew, was 2, he stayed with me for many, many months. Everyday he wanted to wear a white t shirt, jeans and sandals. He would always say "Poomie you wear dis" and it would always be for me,a white shirt, jeans and sandals. EVERYDAY he wanted him and I to be dressed exactly alike!

So one day I went shopping and he was with me, I went into the dressing room, trying on this dress and all of the sudden he busted out crying.

I said, "Whats wrong Matty?" he said, "Poomie I dont wan to wear a dwess" ...... LOLOL because we always dressed alike.
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My baby boy is only 1 1/2 but already he wants to talk and wants to repeat everything.

My mom takes care of him so she is constantly showing him new things. The other day she taught him this:

Mom says: Quien soy? (Who am I?)
Jon goes: Abuela (Grandma)

So I think, hey he know how to answer now! So I ask him Who am I? and he says ABUELA (grandma), I think that weird, so I ask DH to ask him who he is. So DH goes Who am I? and DS says ABUELA! Now if you ask them who someone is he automatically says its Grandma.

Also, he thinks its hilarious to call everyone by their first names. Last night his daddy came home and he was yelling out the window Luilly! It sounded like Wee-Gee!!
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