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Hrm yes well....i was surprised when i saw you posting a sex thread! lol

I mainly sleep on my stomach but head reasting sideways on my arm or my head on the pillow and the arm underneath. I tried sideways but its not comfy trying to rearrange big breasts lol. I love pillows and cuddling them and if im really restless (like with this hot weather) i rest a leg up on the doona or another pillow. I love sharing a bed with my s/o but when im home again i have a big bed to stretch out on. Sounds mean doesn't it? lol
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I start out on my back, turn onto my right side; sometimes alternate with the left side during the night; sometimes turn onto my stomach before I wake up. Let's face it, all that tossing and turning is about all of the exercise I get!

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Originally Posted by Hilda>^..^< View Post
Yep, I noticed right away that of all the threads I've started (not that there are that many you understand)...this one got the quickest response as well as the most thusfar.

Oh yes, and thanks to 'gemlady' for the welcome to the gutter

Hilda >^..^<
P.S. Sure can't wait til I learn more of y'all's names...til then, please be patient with me as I use your sign-in names instead.
Yes, Gemlady Jan is our Queen.
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I sleep on my tummy!
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I move around quite a bit and sleep in all positions. Usually start out on my left side but never wake up that way.
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It depends on what position my cats will LET me sleep in!!

Often I'd lay down on my back and as I start to relax, cats will come and nudge me into whatever position they want (i.e spreading my legs a bit so they could curl up in the space, having me roll over , etc).

Often I'd wake up all twisted up and sometimes SORE from being in odd positions...

Can't sleep without my cats though. Every time I go out of town, I just can't sleep cuz I'm so used to having cats piled up on me.

Can't you tell who rules in this home?? NOT ME!
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
Wow...I was going to say "I'm surprised this thread is still available!"
Exactly what I was thinking.
I usually sleep on my back or my sides. Never on my stomach, it hurts too much.
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Hee! I read that and thought "that can't really be what this is about- so okay, I'll bite !

I sleep 3/4 of the way on my tummy/side, with one knee up (and usually a cat sleeping in between my legs or in the space between my leg and my tummy). I have 2 regular foam mattresses, and 2 memory foam mattresses on my bed, and it is HEAVEN! I don't even have to sleep with the pillow between my knees anymore (I have mild scoliosis) !

And on many occasions, I have woken up sore, stiff and contorted from cats sleeping in my bed! When I go out of town, I put a folded up towel or something on the covers in the bed so I can sleep (trick myself into thinking there is a cat in the bed )!
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Thread Starter 
Alrighty y'all, before I let this thread fade away I'd just like to thank everyone for participating in it, even though it seemed a little racey from the title. Goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover...or a thread by its title...

I'd especially like to thank the MOD Squad for doing such a great job and for not squelching my thread from the start ..y'all rock!

Hilda >^..^<
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Well, you really had me for a minute! On my side cuddling a pillow.
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Oh Hilda...this thread is going straight to the guttar!!!!!
I forgot to add...I sleep on my side....usually with one hand under my pillow and the other wrapped around Colin or holding the top of my pillow. And i have to cross my foot with his every night- i dunno why, but i always do that and fall asleep that way. I never seem to stay in that position though I sleep like a grizzy bear. I have kicked fosters and colin off the bed soooooo many times....i've hit him in my sleep, kicked the snot out of him you name it he usually wakes up hovering over the side of the bed about to fall off and i'm sprawled out in the middle of the bed talking in my sleep
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On my side, with a bolster in between my legs! And cats holding up my back!!
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The title reeled me right in, I'll tell you!!!

But I sleep on my side...hands under the pillow, knees curled up as tightly as I can. Yeah, I'm fetal, and proud of it!!!
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im suprised it hasnt gotten dirty yet

I sleep on my side and back with my arm over my head which leads to have pinze and needles!
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I sleep on my side, with no pillows.
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I always sleep on my right side.
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