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blocked sinuses & breathing problems?

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Hi All,

Well the past 3 weeks has been so hectic. As I've said in the past, I have eight cats, 4 totally indoors, 2 semi outdoors and 2 mostly outdoors. It seems that if one catches something, it's not long until all the indoor cats get it, though strangely enough the outdoor cats seem immune to it.

Although on reflection, it might not be strange as Keylah & Jerryn are mother and son and their genetics seem to give them pretty good healthy - only ever been to vet for optional stuff (like de-sexing)

I'm dealing as best I can, although, it does cost a fortune, and waiting 2 hours at the animal hospital is daunting and exhausting.

One problem though, that's constantly on my mind, is one of the kittens Alix, (changed the e) he went downhill during the hot summer days we've been having, and was hospitalized for a night due to dehydration. He, like his siblings have cat flu - caught from their mother whilst she was pregnant with them (she had it, but I couldn't treat her till after she stopped feeding)

One night, I honestly thought he was going to die. He started making strange noises, was lethargic... it's like a hacking noise in his chest and throat - as if he's trying to cough or hack his lungs up, and he was shuddering.

I took him to the vet (fourth time, in 2 weeks) and they gave me pills for him, he was already on vibrapet but it wasn't helping.

He seems okay now, but the problem is, his nose is severely clogged up, and he has a severe mucus build up. I've tried steaming rooms, cleaning his nose, and I'm at the point I'm considering getting a vaporizer for the room, because he is having severe trouble breathing. His little chest heaves, and he is such a slight little kitty that I'm absolutely terrified that he'll just give up and stop breathing.

That brings me to my question, I've heard cats don't like breathing through their mouths, but if for some reason they can't use their noses properly, will they resort to their mouths in extreme situations? Ie. if he cant breathe through his nose, will he suffocate?

Also does anyone know, if a menthol or eucalyptus (or I guess even rosemary or lemon grass) vaporizer is safe for cats? I might help and I'm thinking it's worth a try if it's not lethal or wont make them sick?


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Oh Autumn! I feel so bad for you and your kitty. I would definately get a humdifier or vaporizer. My Fiona has issues like that too and i keep the room moist. She doesn't cough and hack like she used too. You can surely use a menthol or aromatherapy to soothe your kitty also, as long as they are not ingesting anything. and don't worry! your cat will breathe through his mouth if he needs too.

Don't know if you are already doing this, but cut down on drafts in the house also. Warmth, moistness helps. But, if worse comes to worse gonna have to go to V-E-T and get some help. They have stuff you put up their noses, (like a spray) they hate it but feel better afterward.

Hang in there! I hope kitty feels better soon!
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My cat had a sinus infection once. Took to the vet and got meds, but she had the same problem with her nose as your poor kitty does. This is what I did the help until the meds kicked in. Put the shower on hot, close bathroom door and let it steam up. I put Fluffy in there (I stayed with her) so she got a good 20 minutes of steam. This next part may seem unorthodox, but I swear it worked and didn't harm her. I put a tiny bit of Vicks Vabor rub ointment right under her chin. That way she couldn't lick it off, and was forced to breath it. Worked like a champ. She was breathing easier, not loudly like before and slept the rest of the day. Only had to do the Vicks that one time. Hope this helps!
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