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Some people are MORONS!!

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I sell things by the case. I don't sell anything individually. Well a customer sent me and order that siad she wanted 2800 CASES of an item. So my warehouse guys call me and ask me to send the order and ask how much. I tell them and they had a cow! Turns out the lady wanted 2800 individual items but was too dense to figure out how many cases that would be. DUH!! We have never done it by the individual item!
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Wow that's just pure laziness. Doesn't it tell about how many are in a case?

Did you tell her that they recently invented the calculator?
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I tell her every time she orders we issue by the case. She is just dense.
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
I tell her every time she orders we issue by the case. She is just dense.
"Dense" isn't quite the word I was thinking
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I think laze is more accurate.

I was at a website the other day and saw something funny like this. It was a party favor and they were $7.95 per dozen. It then went on to say that there were 12 items in each dozen. LOL I guess people had to be asking or they wouldn't have said it.
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I am trying to be nice. As nice as possible!! I really can't stand the woman. She is the most annoying person. She always talks with a whine and will send 4 faxes with in minutes of eachother and call about every last one of them before and after. UGH! Just send them all at once tell me how many to expect. If I don't get them with in a few minutes i will cal YOU!
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Wow.... some people don't belong on earth
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Where I work people order pamphlets regarding cancer information and are suposed to come to the office to get them or send a courrier. Back in May a Dr. office called to get some pamphlets, we got them ready and called to let them know things were ready to be picked up.... Their answering Machine dosn't let you leave a message. We have been going back and forth with these people and they still havn't come for their pamphlets... I mean PLEASE, get your arse in guear! It's Frelling January!
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People are crazy.
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I totally did that once when I was ordering envelopes..I said I wanted 500 envelopes..(the box has 500 in it..honest mistake)..and they called me and said..."uh, you want 500 boxes of envelopes?"..

I swear I am not a moron
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I get the same ignorant things Brandi.... I am the purchasing dept, but they tell me what they want via I'll get an email for item S47KOM552 classification folders qty 10 boxes. I go online to the place I order from, copy & paste the item # & copy & paste the qty. The folders are sold individually, and the get 10 folders, then they cry they wanted 10 boxes. I feel like screaming, YOU LOOKED IT UP IN THE BOOK, YOU KNOW HOW IT COMES, I AM NOT GOING TO DOUBLE CHECK EACH THING YOU ORDER.....
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
I tell her every time she orders we issue by the case. She is just dense.
I'd send her the 2800 cases and bill her.
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We don't stock that tmuch of the item. She wouldn't be able to use that much in a year. We would end up taking it back and refunding her. More work for me!
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This is too funny. Reminds me of when Naomi was a manager over at the Dollar Tree. Don't know if any of y'all are familiar with Dollar Tree...but everything in the store is $1.00....and there are banners and signs all over the outside of the store and all over the inside as well that say ''Everything's Just $1.00!''. Naomi would get soooooo frustrated when people would come up to her and ask.....'how much is this?'....dang!

Makes me glad I'm a stay-at-home mommy.

Hilda >^..^<
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