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where your money goes.

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Cute and oh so true!!
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So thats wher its going!?!?!?!?!? You know, we worked out our finaces the other day, and on paper we should have quite a bit left each month..... but we NEVER DO?!?!?! So, now I know what we need to cut back on.... The kitties aren't gonna like thsi....
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So very true!

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Mine is for cat toys. I have to get Kiki something all the time when I go to the store. I usually buy her the little mice to play with because she looses them all the time. We have about 20 somewhere in my apartment, but I have no idea where. I think she hides them from us so I will get more.
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So, does that mean the cats are actually using our paper money in the litter box! LOL, sometimes it seems that way!
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LOL! How true! And the "other" is the money that Jedi sneaks out of my purse when I'm not looking to go buy videos to watch while Mike and I are at work!
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I am the same, I just love getting little toys and treats everytime I go out.......I spoil them more than Pete and I spoil ourselves (which we don't do cause there's not enough money) Hmmmmmm I see a pattern emerging!!!
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Yes...definitely a pattern. Gosh Jedi got his own house (chalet) before Mike and I are getting ours! Spoiled, adorable baby!
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I'm still working on my kitty toy theory. I'm still trying to figure out where exactly they go, causing all of us to spend more and more money to get them more and more toys.

We moved recently, and I was planning on finding about 100 or so balls, hair ties, etc. that the kitties had lost over the course of the 2 years we lived there. What did I find? Almost nothing! I think we found about 3 balls, but the kitties would lose them on a weekly basis. This is more of a mystery than the dryer/sock connection!
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Yes, Jedi's toys DO mysteriously disappear. Although the other day I moved the loveseat to vacuum underneath (a semi-annual ritual whether it needs it or not!) and I found about 20 of his toys under there!

Now I know where to put stuff of mine that I don't want him getting into when I'm not home!:laughing: :laughing:
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Loved the pic! It's so funny, so many of us would live on baked beans if it meant our furbabies could still have their posh food. I know I would! And when it comes to budgeting, I'd much rather buy my little ones the best of everything and have them happy and healthy than go on a trip somewhere. After all, my 3 furbabies pet insurance costs the same as my health insurance!!
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