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Squeeker's condition worsens

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I took Squeeker in yesterday to see what the vet thought about how he was doing neurologically speaking. Squeeker has had seizures now for about 8 months, and he is only 9 months old. Anyway, we have been treating him with Phenobarbital and Clonazipam, he was doing okay, but has recently been havning a little more trouble using his back end than normal. We recently moved and I have to say he is way more active than he has ever been, maybe that is why we notice a change in Squeeker. The vet yesterday said that she thinks neurologically he is getting worse, I was hoping it was due to the high amount of drugs, but no such luck. I now have an appointment at the neurologist at the main referral center next month for him to evaluate and see how he is doing. Please everyone just keep your fingers crossed that he will be okay, he is too young to have to go through this!
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The poor thing... Hope you get good news at your referral visit.

Tons of kitty-feel-good-vibes coming Squeeker's way!!! (((((vibes)))))
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{{{get well}}} vibes for little Squeeker. Let us know how the visit goes.
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aww bless Little Squeeker, I hope all goes well at the visit .........
heres whizzing some positive healthy ((((((( vibes )))))
Do keep us posted
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aww poor little guy.

Lots of get well vibes for Squeeker

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I do hope they find a solution to his problems - he is a lovely little thing and doesn't deserve this.
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Poor Baby! Sending some <<<<< VIBES >>>>>
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Oh, poor little Squeeker. I hope the doctors at the referral center have answers for his condition. Here are more {{{be healthy}}} vibes for Squeeker.
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Thanks to everyone for their good vibes, I am currently checking to see if there are any medicines that may help slow down the degeneration process of his litttle brain. I do not want him to suffer at all or keep him around longer than he can handle for our sake, but for now he seems happy and healthy, just not able to control the back end as well. I will definitly keep you all posted on poor little Squeeks.
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My squeaky girl Scampi is squeaking out some (((vibes)))
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