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Everyone made such a big fuss baout the season premiere of the Sopranos. I am a fan, don't get me wrong, but I was disapointed. To be honest I
don't know what I expected but this was not it.
Hope it will improve.
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I LOVE the Sopranos. Sorry to hear it's not making the grade as yet. Don't know when the new series will be aired in the UK, but looking forward to seeing it anyhow.

How has it not lived up to expectations?
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The first episode was a little non-eventful, but I figures that they had been gone so long that they had to set up some new stuff. They can't exactly pretend like it's the day after the last episode.

If you are a person from that area of the country, did you catch Christopher asking his mother to make him a Fluffernutter? We grew up on those things! As a matter of fact, my dad used to mail me Fluff so I could make my son those sandwiches when he was young.

If you're in the dark, check this out:

Marshmallow Fluff
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We just got HBO about 3 weeks ago and the first episode I ever saw was this season's opener. I was lost so it didn't mean much to me nor could I really have an opinion on whether or not it was up to par.

A friend I work with has the first 3 seasons on DVD so I borrowed season 1 on Wednesday. WOW!!! I watched 4 episodes on Wednesday night and 3 last night! What a great show! Maybe because I come from an all Italian family...I don't know, but I have become an immediate HUGE fan!

I plan to finish up season 1 over the weekend and he is bringing in season 2 on Monday so I can start on that next week. This Sunday's episode will make more sense now...but I am still behind.

Gotta hurry up and get dinner made so I can see what Tony & Co are up to next!
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LOL Jeffgirl! I didn't get HBO until season 3, so I feel your pain! Luckily, in the past year since there have been no new episodes, HBO replayed all of the 1st 3 seasons. It was all new to me. Two factors: having been married into an Italian family and growing up in the NY/North Jersey area made me an immediate fan too. I had a childhood friend and I remember my parents always talking about how the father must have mob connections because they couldn't have had all the money they did from his supposed line of work. I think I remember that he owned a greeting card store in the Port Authority. Keep watching those DVDs. You'll get caught up. Welcome to the 'must-see' fan club.
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LOL Deb25...I just now saw your post about Fluffernutter. I used to eat that ALL the time growing up! We used to scoop such huge spoonfuls of Fluff on the sandwich that it would literally ooze out of the bread when you took a bite!

My Mom used to yell at us all the time..."I just bought that jar, it can't be empty already"! :laughing: :laughing:
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Have you ever made the chocolate fudge recipe on the label? I haven't in years, but I remember it being divine!
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Yeah my Mom and I used to make that on rainy, weekend days. Ah, the memories! I talked with my Mom the other night and mentioned that someone talked about Fluffernutter on this forum. She started laughing, recalling all the crazy times when we were kids!
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That's all my son, the incredible picky eater, would eat for lunch for about 6 years! At that time, Fluff wasn't available here in Florida, so my dad used to mail it to me from NJ!
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New Jersey? I was born and raised in the Garden State! I just moved to Delaware about 6 years ago but I am originally from Vineland NJ.

My boyfriend teasingly calls me his "Little Tomato Head". LOL!!
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I was born in NYC, but mostly raised in the small Bergen county town of Ho-Ho-Kus. Moved to Florida 20 long years ago.
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