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cat diet

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My tuxedo cat, Fred, needs to go on a diet. My other cat, Nermal, is a perfect weight.
They both eat Hill's perscription T/D diet, for healthy teeth and healthy bladders, etc.
Neither cat is obsessive about food. They both eat occassionally throughout the day, but not to excess. I try to keep the amount within normal serving size. (3/4 cup each per day=1 1/2 cups divided into two bowls).
Nermal is a little more active at night. He has a regular game of "soccer" on the bed with a toy ball, right after I get in the bed. Then sometimes in the morning.
Fred doesn't participate in the 'soccer', however, they do play fight and chase throughout the day and night.
Why is Fred chubby and Nermal slim?
I was considering buying low cal Hill's food and mixing it with the other T/D, but i don't want Nermal to suffer.
I'm assuming Nermal has a higher metabolism than Fred, as it appears that he eats the same amount with only a little more exercise.
I try to play with Fred when i can with a string or cat dancer. He responds, but gets bored easily.
Any diet or exercise ideas out there?
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You can try reducing the amount of dry food Fred is eating by adding more canned food to his daily intake. Cats should lose weight very slowly so as not to upset their natural balance (their little livers are particularly sensitive when their caloric requirements are not met).

As for exercise, everyone in my house loves a fishing-pole or wand-type of toy. They leap and chase, run and pounce ... I see their little sides just heaving when we are done playing. It gives them a great cardio session!
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Maybe that's the ticket. More exercise. That way I don't have to cut back on the food. I'll try the wand.
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If you're leaving food down all the time for them to free feed it's possible that Fred is eating more than his fair share of the food, which may be why he is overweight and Nermal is not. Alternatively it could just be that Nermal has a faster metabolism and/or runs around more. Are they the same age?

I second the suggestion of increasing exercise and introducing some wet food if possible as cats gain weight very easily on dry food. If that doesn't work you may need to feed them separately at specific meal times so that you can feed Fred a light food and Nermal his normal food.
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