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Poe's trip to the Vet.

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We got him used to the carrier by leaving it out a few days ahead of time. He took to it pretty quickly and started using it during play sessions to pounce from.

The day came and we played with him for a few minutes, got him locked in the carrier, and on the way to the vet he had a panic attack (Hyperventillated, Cried at every turn we took. etc.)

We got him into the vet's office and they clipped his toe nails and checked him for fleas (no fleas) They checked him for ear mites and the vet kept saying he did NOT think Poe had Ear mites, but he couldn't be certain because of the baby oil we supposedly put in his ears... Yet we hadn't put any baby oil in his ears and told the vet that at least three times, but he kept insisting we had so we gave up (he was kind of an ass, truth be told).

The tech's flushed and cleaned his ears for us with giant q-tips. (hehe) And when we went to leave, the vet forced us to take ear mite medicine and ear flush even though he didn't believe Poe had Ear Mites. (sigh) We took it and got Poe home without incident.

The total for that little trip was $165.00 (YEOUCH)

The very next day we started his dosing (oh what fun.) It takes two of us to get the medicine in the ear and then flush his ear out 30 minutes later. After the first dose we noticed that he was shaking his head a lot more than he usually does, so I held him down (oh I hate doing this to him) and checked his ears. And where his ears were pink from the cleaning just the day before, were a few coffee grains and really dark, thick ear wax (not black but dark brown)

We gave him his second dose.. (not fun) And today we just gave him his third dose and went in with Q-tips (oh the horrors). We pulled out some coffee grains and some big hunks of really dark brown ear wax.

For a 14 pound cat (actually he's 13.6 now, he's lost half a pound since being in our care. He was a little overweight). When he doesn't want to be confined he can REALLY put up a fight. Luckily no teeth or claws or even hissing ensued. And he hasn't spent any time under the bed or the couch. So he seems to be ok with us.

Oh well, that was our trip to the vet. I hope not to have to make another one for a long time. hehe.

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Awww... what a sweet looking kitty! No wonder you got no fuss holding him down I am glad his ear mites are being taken care of. I go with my Kitty tomm. for her first physical as my kitty. Hope she turns out alright. I don't think she has mites either.....after hearing your story.... YIKES!
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