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introducing myself and question??

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I have a cat named Tigger(was Lisa) and i believe she is around 7 we are not her original owners. weve have her for about a year and in a week we are getting a kitten and we named her Lily( easter Lily)
Iv been looking on the net for info on how to get them together. so far iv found good stuff.if you have any ideas id love to hear them

my question is with Tigger , she will go near us( hubby or me) and so we go to pet her becuase she is meowing and when we go to her she scatters off.i dont understand why, it drives my dh mad!
oh about me .. I love photography and i work p.t and i volunteer and im 28 and live in Canada.thats all take care this is a kool site,
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Your best bet is to put the newcomer in a room by herself. Take an old ratty blanket, or rags or something, and make her a bed in a cardboard box. If the newcomer is scared, you can invert the box, cut a hole in it and make a cave where she will feel safe. Go in and visit with her, read to her, whatever, let her get used to her. If tigger has a blanket of his own, switch bedding with the two after about a week, so they can get used to each other scents. Then, gradually, introduce them to each other. I use a big dog cage in our living room for my introductions. This way, the newcomer is in the main part of the house, but away from any attacks. The other cats can come in and hiss and spit at the new one, but eventually, they all get together and get along. But, I have 14 cats also, so I do this a lot as I rescue them. But that is what works for me, and has for many years. The switched bedding is really essential, and if the new one is caged, she has no recourse but to sleep on the offered bedding.

Now you will be known as the Tigger Lily household!
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Hi tigger and lily, I am new here and it is great, I am sure you will love it here I do
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Welcome, welcome to The Cat Site! Hissy's experience with feline introductions precludes me from addressing that matter, mainly because I've not had to manage introductions very often. But I thought I'd at least say, "Hello!"

The bedding exchange Hissy recommended reminds me of something I was told many years ago by an older fellow with whom I'd worked. Kirk had been with a circus for some years previous, in the capacity of lion tamer.

His first step in preparing to enter a cage with a "new" lion was to remove a piece of the ground-up meat to be fed the lion, roll that piece into a ball and rub it under either of his arm pits. Then, he'd present it to the lion with the balance of the food ration. The lion, he asserted, would not eat the ball of meat with the human scent. After a number of such "feedings," he felt safe in entering the cage.



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Hi, I am new here also. I have 2 cats now. no introducing them yet. I just this morning found "prissy" having babies on the front porch! Prissy because she acts sort of prissy. This is my first experience with a female cat. I am going to try the suggestion left to you about switching the bedding. I hope it works because prissy is a beautiful cat. Anyway, good luck with your new kitty and welcome. I just found this site and love it so far. By the way- want to have a three cat household? I happen to have some new kittens that will be ready in about 8 weeks. Ha Ha.
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Thanks everyone for the welcome and great ideas! btw, Tigger is a girl( even though Tigger from Winnie the pooh is a boy i still named her that.)
we should be getting her in a week now. and thank you but i think 2 will be enough for now
i hope tigger doesnt do anything to hurt Lily but im going to do my best introducing them!
again thanks!
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Dear Tigger & Lily
Sounds like you had the best advise already, I just wanted to welcome you and best wishes with the kittieeeeeees~
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Welcome to the cat site, tigger and lily!!
I moved your thread to the behavior forum, since it is a question about behavior, and might get more answers here.
But please start a new thread in the cat lounge to introduce yourself, so we can all welcome you to the family!
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