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Feline heros

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This is from the Kitty Newsflash.

Cat's yowl alerts building's residents to peril

What an amazing story! Actually, my grandma always tells us about how their cat saved her life and her brother's when there was a carbon monoxide leak. It happened like 70 years ago when they were small children. she says that the family cat sensed the gas and went to their parents bedroom and began yowling until they got up and went to check on the kids. My grandma and her brothers were already semi-conscious - if it wasn't for the cat, they would have died.

The amazing thing is that the cat could have easily slipped out of the house, but she chose to go and wake the parents instead!
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What an awesome story!!! So in a sense, the cat also saved your life, since your grandmother might have perished if not for her pet.
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The weather had been very cold, so our cat's best friend, our dog was in the cellar. We invited friends for the evening who unexpectedly brought their cat-chasing dog, so our very dignified Blacky {original name, huh?} was sent to the basement also. I had mentioned several times that I thought I smelled burning wood, but noone agreed. Blacky cried off and on all evening. Well, we thought, his dignity had been insulted! Finally, it was time for lights out and bed. Suddenly, we heard the unmistakable sounds of a cat/dog fight. My husband flew down the cellar steps to find that Blacky had attacked his buddy, the dog. Incredible! They spent so much time playing together, and the collie outweighed Blacky by 60 pounds. Most dogs would have tried to make mincemeat of an attacking cat. As my husband separated Blacky from the collie's back, he finally smelled the burning wood odor. It was just above the two animals; the floor joist was smoldering from a short in the furnace thermostat wires. Had we gone to sleep, the flames would eventually started and I might not be here to tell you this story. Jeanie
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Well, that's some story! I hope you gave your hero a good treat!

I'm glad you're with us!
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You know God works in mysterious ways, so why not through our pets? Glad you joined us!! Great story!!!!
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