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Cat just doesn't end shedding; what to do?

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Ok, I've got two cats, and I will admit I rarely ever brush them. They have great, healthy fur, but it just sheds all over the house.

The reason I never brush them is because one doesn't seem to shed much - and the other doesn't seem to stop.

He's a tabby cat - and it seems that no matter how long I brush him for, the brush just keeps filling up just as quickly. it's like I can brush for 5-10 minutes and it never ends! He should be bald with all the hair I get off him!

I'm wondering if I should just keep going - or if I'm missing something? I just tried brushing him today again for a treat (because he absolutely loves it), and realized why I stopped.

I use a metal pronged brush that has lots of things on it, and it really gets the hair out. I also bought "The Shed Ender" - which seems like a waste of money, but it was only $10.

Is there something else I should try?
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what does he eat ???
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Science Diet Light Hairball Formula.

They don't get any hairballs, ever, which is very weird. With all that fur floating around.
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You should probably look into a food that has added Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These help with coat texture, skin health and for mine greatly reduced the shedding. I've also found that if I get my cats professionally groomed every 3 months or so...I have had minimal shedding. It seems worth it for the $30
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I think its totally normal for hair to keep coming like endless when you brush if you dont brush him everyday. My cat also sheds too much and if I dont brush him everyday for 15-30 minutes you can find white hair in every inch of the house.
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Light food is almost always very low in omega 3 and 6 ... in your case there getting alot of not very digestable food ... try finding a food without the by product s and peanut hulls
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One of mine is bad for shedding, we added fatty acids and he is on good quality food so that helps a lot but he still sheds when you touch him

We have a FURminator brush and that helps alot, I brush him once a week for about 20 mins and that saves us any majot shedding for a week or so.
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California Natural has flaxseed oil in it that gives the cat a lovely shiny coat. But the shedding will continue even if you brush every day. Healthy cats, my vet said, shed.

Gizmo sheds less now that she's eating food with high Omega 3 fatty acids, but she still sheds even if I brush her daily. Good thing you at least don't have hairballs!
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Use a comb to get out more loose, dead hair. You can also bathe and blow dry and that gets out a lot of shedding fur. After that, I would advise combing him out daily. It should get to the point it only takes a couple minutes a day during cuddle time.
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I saw an vacum called the pet vac, very slient. try using that and swith to a more meaty food. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...ilies/wink.gif
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