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They're HERE!!!!!

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I am happy to announce the arrival of Sneezeweed and Snowberry!!! I have posted pictures on in the pictures section. They're still pretty nervous, but Snowberry has already started to explore the office and play a little bit. They're just adorable and I'm so glad they're here!!!
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awww sweeties!!! they are so cute!!
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! And I know I'm missing SuperNanny, but must go look at those pics that you've posted!
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they're adorable!!!!
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They are very pretty, I like their names too.
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awwwww welcome little ones
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Aww. They are cute. Welcome home kitties.
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welcome home sweet babies Congrats
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Awwww congrats on the new babies!!!!
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WELCOME TO THEM!! You must be so excited!!
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Congratulations on the new additions
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Thanks everyone!!! I'll be posting new pictures later tonight!
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