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battle scars

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Buttons is really edgy around loud noises, he usually runs away hehe. Today he was sleeping on my chest and alex went up to him (what a smart guy...) and went BOO!
Poor buttons lept up and scratched 2 long gouges along my left cheek.

But, off to the salon, summer waxing
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I have a couple kitty related scars from when I first got Sibohan, she was a rescue and quite skittish.
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Ouch!! I hate those battle scars..heal up soon my dear
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Amber has tons of scars from different fosters, from Annie and from Lily. She has some nasty ones. I have scars from my first Lily encounter. All over my back.
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I've started to clip Chynna's back nails as well as her front ones. She's a tubby and I find that I get scratches from her back nails when I hold her. It's been better since I started to clip them. She loves the front nails being clipped but she sure doesn't like the back ones being done.

Perhaps clipping their back nails is an option you might want to think about too.
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