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If I get one more hang up call

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I am gonna exploded . They have been more frequent than usual. And because of that I have started saying this "I am gonna star *69 your butt (used different word), get your number and than report your butt (used that other word)".I immidently get a dial tone after that. Sometimes its an untraceable number sometimes its not. When it is traceable I do call them back to find out who called me and why they hung up. Like just now I got one of those calls. But this time they hung up as soon as I picked up. *69 their butt and it was a local number. Called the number back and a lady answered and tried to sound like she did not call me. I gave her date and time she called (1 min after she called me). I mean WTH. Unfortunately it was an unlisted number so I could not do a reverse look up to see who this was.

I am sick of these calls .
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Yeah, that would highly annoy me...I feel your pain!

Is there anyone you know that could be doing this just to irritate you...ex-boyfriends, former friends, whoever?
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that sucks! I got a prank phone call last week, at 5 in the morning! if it hadn't been so funny I would have been mad
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I wonder if your number used to belong to a drug dealer or something
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I have had this number for almost 2 yrs and unlisted. And this is something new. No ex-boyfriends/girlfriends (me and hubby moved to this state over 2 yrs ago), I have no friends here really neither does hubby. All I know is this is very very annoying.
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Hmmm, that makes me wonder if a new business has opened with a similar number then, if it's not malicious. But why just hang up instead of saying "oops, wrongnumber" or something?
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and very strange! maybe a guy gave this girl his "number" but just wrote down some digits and they happened to be yours
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That could be possible due to the configuration of the last 4 digits of my number.

Maybe I should be happy that it wasn't a bill collector. I think they all have me (not to many but a few) on a "Don't Bother She's No Help" list. I have a whole list of interesting things I have told them when they call at untraditional hours.
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Hmmm...if so, now you're making me feel bad. I use to give out the same last 4 digits to guys at the bar (when I was single) that I didn't ever want to see again.
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Note this is not my number but shows the 4 digit configuration**


My last four digits (and first three) are different but that would be how it looks.
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I got a whistle and blew it into my phone when I would get the heavy breathing crap.Now, I have the privacy thing and NO ONE can block their number and call me.
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We had our phone company block any unlisted calls. Maybe that would help for starters.

I've had some lovely calls. Most notably some guy calling my DH's cell at 2 and then 5 something AM....when DH was overseas. Had the nerve to ask me who I was!
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Don't you just love it when they call you and ask WHO you are? Makes me madder than fire, and they hear this Hillbilly cuss like a Sailor.
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
Don't you just love it when they call and ask WHO you are? Makes me madder than fire and they hear this HIllbilly cuss like a Sailor.
LOL! Well I think my reply was something along the lines of "Excuse me but it's 5:30 in the morning, you already called me once, and YOU called ME! Please don't call back." A few months later I again got a call from that number. I didn't answer. Back then it had me mad because I slept with both cells on and next to the bed because I wanted DH to reach me easily. So having the phones go off in the middle of the night like that was a big deal.
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I am so use to phones going off at all hours of the night.Hubby works swing shift at a major plant.They call ANYTIME they want to.
Now, I have a phone with caller id on it in the bedroom to see who it is calling me.
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You could answer the phone with "Bueno" and then if they speak, say "Que? Que?" like you speak only Spanish
Years ago, there was an obscene phone caller who called me in the wee hours of the morning. I was probably about the 12th person who'd called the cops to complain. Anyhow, the third and last time he called, it was about 3am, I'd gotten home at 1:00 a.m. and had to have my girls to school at 7 a.m. and then start my day job at 8:00 a.m, so I was really annoyed. So I told him, "Fine, come over here and you can tell me this **** in person, and I'll take my gun and blow your n***s off" but he said, "Oh, baby, I love to hear you talk like that" and then I got really angry and said,"and while I'm at it, I'll shoot "the rest of your equipment" off and end your problem for good!" whereupon he HUNG UP ON ME So, the obscene phone caller hung up on me???What's a girl to think
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oh i hate it when baffoons do that
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I hate when people do that. Lately Herbal Magic keeps calling here once and letting it go to the voicemail and hanging up after it beeps and then not even 5 minutes later they call back and leave a message. They have done this twice in the last week. I went there for a free consultation like a year ago and decided that it was way too expensive for me and now they wont leave me alone.
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Saturday we had a supermarket trying to fax to our number. After an hour we *69 and called them. Would you believe they said it wasn't them. After we hung up it happened again. Their fax was set to redial until the fax went threw. Someone gave a bad number to them. Oh hubby was so MEAN to them. LoL

When we moved 2 years ago I had to get a new number since mine wouldn't transfer. It belonged to Carol for over 10 years. She is in the medical supply business. Our machine now says "If you are trying to reach Carol you have dialed the wrong number, otherwise leave a message at the beep." There was one idiot who called 3x's b/c of an emergency order he had to place. One day Carol called and talked to hubby. She thanked us for letting the callers know nicely she changed her number. Shame she didn't give us the new number to pass on. She said some clients have her old business cards and is using that to call.
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we get those all the time where i work. only they are usually autodialers from call centers. i hate when they stay on long enough that i can hear that it's a call center, and they hang up anyway. ticks me off because they waste my time at work.
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Believe it or not when I move here 4 1/2 years ago, the phone was a source of torture! After finding out that a former creditor had placed an account closed for several years to a collection agency and I started getting nuisance calls I took action. Make sure that you get your credit report free every year. The FTC has the appropriate info on their site. Have your phone number removed if it is listed on your credit report. Dispute any errorneous collections activity. Sign up on the do not call list. Here's some technology for you. I have a device called the InTeleScreener. It seems the company is now out of business, but my phone doesn't even ring unless I want it to. I can choose to block a call based on name number or area code. My screen list lists numbers of people that are allowed to ring my phone. I can even have it block with sit tones then disconnect.I love this thing and when it dies I will have to purchase this . I actually bought this at the same time as the intelescreener and sent it back. Personal preference, but it did work and I will use it if I get another phone line or when my intelescreener dies. It may seem expensive but after 2 years of calls for someone who was long gone, bill collectors looking for other people, political lobbyists who were given my number by the previous owner etc. it is worth every penny. These devices are ideal for cordless expandable systems and since my phone line can forward when no answer, blocked callers who really need to speak to us and can wait the six rings, transfer and extra long greeting can leave a message in my voicemail.
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Well I asked hubby this morning if he gave our number out to anyone. He said yes that he did give our number to a woman at work (his does car stuff on the side). And that when he gave her our number she said she would be afraid to call because she was afraid that I would freak out about a woman calling. I told him to tell her that if she calls again she better say who she is because if not I am gonna be really ticked off and she won't like what I have to say. It sounds mean but I can't stand when people hang up without saying anything.
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It's not mean at all. A reasonable person would announce they have the wrong number or assume if someone gives you a number to call, their spouse won't have a problem. When I get a lot of nuisance calls or have checked suspicious numbers in my caller id to find they belong to marketers ,I pick up and say "Who is this and what the h*** do you want?". A phone is an entry into the sanctity of your home. Someone calling and hanging up repeatedly is the same as someone ringing your doorbell then hiding. There's no such thing as mean when dealing with a nuisance.
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