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What is it?

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So my 12 year old cat has this thing on his neck. It is small, maybe the size of a pencle crayon (of there abouts, prehaps a little smaller) I think it has gotten a little biger, not much. It is in his skin, you can pick up the piece of skin and it will be in there...sounds rather groaseI know. It is not painfull, and it's soft and squishy.

When he was a kitten he had one on his back and when we took him to the vet they said it was just a fat deposit.

If we took him to the vet they would put him through a buch of tests and we are told that he is to old to recouperate from some of them...and we can't just have them remove it with out doing these tests...which is stupid.

My mom wants to buy him some imune inhancing hearbs and stuff and just keep him on thoes, so if it is cancer that would help him with it.

But yeah...anyone elce have a cat with this
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I have a cat with one on her belly. The vet said to watch it and bring the cat in if the lump gets bigger or changes shape, if any other unusual behaviors happen, if it seems to be in pain or change color or how it feels, etc. It is probably just a fatty lump, if I could see and feel it I could say a little better, but a vet would give you the best idea. Watch it and as next time your cat is in for a checkup or shots.
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Haha...it's so small I can't see it eather, just feel it.
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sorry but it wouldnt be a tick would it ? sorry never had a cat with one so i wouldnt know how it looks or feels. but i agree with the other poster if anything changes i would get it check out as soon as.
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My old dog had a lot of those toward the latter part of her life. It is called a fatty tumour. These are usually benign. It is more practical in most cases to leave it alone rather than put the animal through the stress of surgery.

So Peaches was a little lumpy toward the end but was not inconvenienced by her fatty tumours, which were on her chest as I recall.

Your vet is right. If the tumour is small and does not change shape, you need not worry about it. If it changes shape it may be malignant and will need the attentions of the vet.

Good luck.
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