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Friday's DT

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It has been quite the hectic week. I have finally finished our bedroom. What's left now is all the mouldings (hubby tackles this) and the new closet doors. What a job this has been. I have spent my whole vacation week in this room. But....that was the plan.

Haven't really had a chance to read all the posts because I only check in for a few minutes here and there.

Anyone interested in re-capping the week for me? Have I missed out on any exciting news?

I wish you all a great day and week-end.

Today, it is my spoiling day. I am so glad I booked this. I kind of knew I'd need some kind of pampering by friday. I am getting a manicure,pedicure and massage. Boy, I can sure use that now.

On a sad note Hubby and I had a long discussion wednesday night. I came really close to losing the one person I love the most in this world. My life has revolved around my children and my job for the past 8 years and I more or less neglected a part of my life that I wrongfully thought could take care of itself on it's own. Being a wife, mother and having a job can be very stressful. I guess I haven't been doing a great job being a "wife". For what it's worth, to all of you that are married to a wonderful man, please, please, take the time and let him know that he still is number one on your list. I assumed he knew...he didn't. Hopefully, I still have the chance to make things right again. I think I do. We love each other more than anything. Hey....maybe if you send some positive vibes my way, I can make this right again! Sorry for going on like this....I feel like my whole world is going to cave in any minute. And my heart aches....Well....got to go. I'll talk to you all later.
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Hi Ghyslaine Glad to hear you are going to spoil yourself.

I'm sorry to hear you are having a few troubles (for want of a better word with you hubby. I know what that's like. It is very easy to presume the other person knows how we feel about them. I also have been going through the ups and downs with either me feeling he doesn't care enough and him feeling I don't appreciate what he does do for me. I am sure with a love like what you have both got it will weather this slight storm. Although I don't know the whole story I can tell by what you have written you are both still very much in love with eachother. You have both got the opportunity now to find the next level of your relationship, to discover eachother again and to spoil eachother. Yes it is increadibly hard to balance everything in life but somehow we do. Perhaps a weekend away if you can manage it or even a night to yourselves with a candle light bath, champagne and soft music if you both enjoy that kind of thing. I am no relationship expert and ignore my post if I am way off track I just want to send you lot's of good vibes that all will go well.

Take care of each other and good luck
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Oh G, I am sorry you are having probs with the marriage. I can't relate directly, but I know how easy it is to "assume" the other knows you care about him. Its so easy to get consumed w/ the kids, work, the house, that sometimes we forget about HIM!! I've done it, but usually I catch myself and rectify it quickly!! I hope it all works out for you. {{{ HUGS }}}

TGIF!!!!!!!!!! David is off this weekend, I am so happy. Although my oldest child came down sick yesterday w/ a cold and bronchitis. He is asthmatic, so any little cold triggers his asthma. He went to school today against my better judgement, but he kept saying he felt ok and that he wanted to go. I figure the school nurse will be calling soon!!

Hope you all have a fantabulous ( is that a word?? ) weekend!!!!!
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Leslie, Daniela,

Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it. I am keeping my thoughts positive and am going to do my best to make things better. Daniela, I will try to catch myself and rectify things right away from now on. I think, in the past, I was concious of my decisions and instead of making things better, I would ignore it. It seemed like an easy solution back then.
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Going to be a scramble, today. I work until 3:30 and will hit our door, at a dead run. I will have 1 1/2 hrs. to shower, do hair and makeup and get dressed for Mark's wedding. My parents will meet us at our house and convoy down to St. David. Its about a 40-minute drive. The worst part will be getting from home to I-10 in rush-hour traffic. I hope they'll have food, at the wedding.
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Ghys! Keep strong! You and the hubby will make everything all right! You have my thoughts with you!

I have been sick all week. I was off work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and probably should have been off all week. I have had a fever since Sunday night. I have an ears, nose, throat and chest infection. I haven't slept in almost a week because I can't breathe! I just want to go home, but we are so busy at work. Only prob is I feel crappy so I can't concentrate so I am here!

Last week end I did some tie dye shirts for hubby - he loved them! I also went crazy at the crafts store and I am doing some crafting for Christmas this year.

I plan to just lay low this weekend!
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Today is definately not Thank God It's Friday. The power went out in our building last night, so I got up late (it's the only time I've been happy someone called me at 8:15 in the morning-I would have kept on sleeping otherwise). As soon as I walked into work, I had to help my boss with his grant (he's originally from Poland, and I have become his breathing english dictonary/thesaurus/grammar checker). I finally made it into the lab, to be faced with my least favorite coworker upset because a piece of equipment wasn't working. Of course, I had to take care of it first, because her work is THE most important in the lab.

Sorry to be snarky. The one thing I have to look forward to today is leaving early I'm meeting a friend for dinner and absolutely have to leave by 5. So, a 7 1/2 hour day isn't all that bad, and it is the weekend.

I hope everyone has a restful weekend.
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Ghys, I'm so sorry about your troubles. You have my positive energy coming at you.

It has been a pretty bad end of the week. Two guys were laid off yesterday and it just put a cramp on the rest of the day and today, since most people didn't what happened. And of course, the owners are all out at meetings and won't tell anyone what is really going on. When will people figure out that it takes more than the buy-out money to own a business? It's very frustrating. And pretty depressing, when you watch two people lose their livelihood with no warning. One of them is early to mid twenties, had a child, they just bought a home and a car. The other is 57, has a lot of debt, and with his age finding a new job may prove difficult. So, I'm really glad that this is my half-day because I'm a bit down today, and really have no motivation to work.

Well, it is Friday, so the weekend is here. That's a good thing. Here's to a better weekend than the week has been!
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Sounds like everyone could use a hug and word of encouragement! Sending prayers & good vibes, Ghyslaine. Sounds like things are already on the mend, and with the love in place, apparently now it just needs a shine. Hubby and I made a rule to stop everything we're doing for 15 seconds to hug each other before we leave the house in the morning (even if we're leaving together). Maybe that'll help you too?

As for me, I'm getting over the flu too. It started Wednesday night, and I'm feeling almost better - Yeah! Just in time for the weekend!

We went for hubby's first physical therapy after his second back surgery last Friday. Stopped for a short walk (real short) in the woods on the way home. I love this time of year.
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Ghys...the fact that you know that the two of you love each other very much, that you know you neglected him and your relationship with him (even though unintentionally) and that you two talked about it makes me feel very confident that things will be OK.

Keep the communication going between the two of you. Not just about what happened and how to make it better, but about everything and all the time. That is sometimes the hardest part of a relationship...but it is the most rewarding in the end.

I am sending lots of positive energy your way. And Jedi sends infinite XOXOXOXOX's as well!
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Thank you all for your words of kindness.

I know things will work out. We definately love each other very muhc. I just don't really like myself right now. I'm in shock that I could hurt someone I love unintentionally. It's just not me. But...hopefully in time, everything will be back to normal. I do plan on paying more attention to hubby, and he, in return has promised me lots of hugs and snuggles. I think that's a fair exchange!

Today seems to be a better day already. No crying involved!

Hope you all have a great day. And once again, thank you all for being there for me.
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Woohoo! **hugs & snuggles**

Take those as the precious thing they are...much better than a pair of earrings or a new dress. Love and affection are the best thing of all!
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When we don't live up to our own idea of ourselves or our own expectations, our lives turn upside down for a little while. Thanks for sharing - you've helped remind us all, or at least me, to stop and take stock every once in a while; make sure everything's properly tuned, so to speak.

Thanks, and glad you're feeling better. Sounds like a REAL fair exchange, and, most imortantly, a loving one!

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