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Train Whitey not to go outside.

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I'm a bit embarrassed (just a little) to post this as I was so proud of myself for training Luna not to follow me out the door.

However We have had Whitey for 10 months now and every morning when both B and I leave (at separate times) he makes his attempt at escape. I don't know how far he has gotten with B, but with me half the time he'll be on the porch because my hands are always full when I leave.

Anyways, we've told him "NO!" we've picked him up and say him on the table by the back door and said "NO!" We repeat "No!" as we leave and walk out the door.

I've also thrown toys, as I had with Luna, but he's not interested in that. He's a very stubborn cat...to the point that if he's focused on going outside, then that's where his attention lies.

We can't lock him up when we leave because then he'll be away from the litter boxes and food and the poor guy will cry ALL DAY.

Any other solutions (oh and BTW: Feliway makes Luna agressive towards the other cats...so that's out).

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Well, I think you just need to be a bit firmer when he tries to run out. I know its hard but here is a little story that should help.....When I was younger I had a cat, Chleo, who always did this very thing, run right out and I would be chasing her outside trying to catch her. One time she got away from me and came back in the evening all proud of herself outside all day . 3 days later, after seeming a bit slugish the past couple, I noticed she was going nuts biting and licking herself in bed with me. I reach under and notice a huge wet spot on the bed. Run her into the vets in the middle of the night to find she had a wound that became infected, completely hiden, and she had poped a huge abscess in her back. If she did'nt do this, she would have died! She had a tube in her back for 6 days and a funnel on her head for 3 weeks! Believe me she never got outside again! One thing I did do is made sure she had window purches so she could enjoy watching all the birds and things!
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Could you give him some food or treats when you leave so that he's busy eating while you're going out the door? Perhaps have a treat in your hand and when you reach the door throw the treat to distract him while you get out.
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He's taken over the cat tree and window perch (both in the window).

I think he was an indoor/outdoor cat before we got him. So we're breaking him of a 1-2 year habit.

I did do the food thing this morning, gave them all wet food. Once he saw me head towards the door I was leaving, he went right to it, waiting.

Its only in the morning too. He doesn't do this if we leave at night.
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Sounds like he just does'nt want you to leave
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I agree he doesn't want you to leave.

Zissou used to be obsessed with getting out too. I still have to do a dance I call "Defensive Door Opening". I open the door as little (breadthwise) as humanly possible and keep some part of my leg blocking it at all times. People who have never been to my apartment sometimes think I'm running away from a lunatic outside or something. Also a "pshpshpsh" noise like a hiss or a snake as you open the door can help.

For awhile all I had to do was ring the doorbell, and she'd run around freaking out too busy to notice the open door. Now I tap on the window before I come in, and she runs up and jumps in the window, so it's much easier to keep her in!
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I think he was passed around from home to home before us. He's the type of cat that has a social personality. He LOVES attention and basically does what it takes to get attention.

I would love to see the opening door dance!
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