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Abby let me pick her up from the floor! She rarely does that. Of course she didn't let me hold her for more than a minute, but it was progress, hehe
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I finally got to the gym today!!
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They sound good. That would make me smile too!
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I woke up to find Maggie sleeping by my head , she usually sleeps next to me.
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Watching Amber waddle into the house with a huge grin on her face. Singing
I can take Tylenol
Tylenol is good
I love tylenol.
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Layla came into my room this morning and groomed me awake.
She also curled up next to me and went to sleep.
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My phone call with my Baby Sister.Can't repeat it here, btu she had me laughing my butt off.
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DH and I squished together on the couch and napped.....but that's not the part that made me smile. That's half. The other half, Moochie snuggled on top of us and slept too!
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Miagi was on my dresser when I woke up. I was happy that he wasn't shredding my pictures. but it was sure cute seeing him sleeping there! all of my pets (I have dogs and Miagi and Tiger ) made me smile today seeing their happy faces first thing in the morning and I woke up to Tiger laying on my shoulder.
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I woke up this morning and all 4 kitties were snuggled down in bed with us. Pearl and Pepper were almost touching, and Pearl was not growling. She has made so much progress with the other kitties in the past week, I bet she will be cuddling with one of them soon.
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well this made me laugh, Bella jumped on my shoulder which she is big so she lays on my front side and hangs over my shoulder but this morning she went and layed all the way around my neck, and i was walking around like that too it was so funny dont worry there will be pictures later
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