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Some of those "treasures" I need back though!!

Alycia, I cannot imagine what you are talking about...(am I'm not sure I want to!)
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I'm guessing somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 cat balls.

Forest and I actually have a little ritual concerning cat balls under the couch. He just LOVES to knock them under there. After a while, though, all his favorite ones get stuck under there and he can't get at them. So he'll sit by the couch, stare at it, and meow piteously. I'll eventually give in and go get the Swiffer. As soon as he sees it, he gets all excited...swished his tail around and rubs all over my legs. I'll take the Swiffer and rescue the trapped pouffy balls. About 10 seconds later he starts knocking them under there again. We call the process a "Pouffy Ball Safari", and it happens about weekly at our house.
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Kitty fur tumbleweeds, 3 furry mice, 4 jingle bells, and 11 sproings.... I thought all the sproings were under the fridge
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Nothing Ambers couch sits right on the floor. So nothing can get under it.
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Oh..on monday, I moved the dishwasher...I found $10! two five dollar bills! Was I sneaky and take the money to spend it or did I ask the lover if it was his....I TOOK IT AND SPENT IT!!!!!! ahahahahaha
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Um....2 printers and a dog training crate! Oooh! Also, a duffle bag that has Ian's dirty underwear in it.

Can anyone top that?
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My couch sits flat on the floor because I didn't put the legs on it when I bought it. So there isn't anything under it. And I just cleaned out under my loveseat a few days ago so there isn't anything under it now. Tomorrow, who knows, LOL
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