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Siamese kitten ear bites?

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Hi there, first post :P

My problem is the following:

I recently bought a male Siamese kitten (yesterday to be exact). He is very loving and stuff but he likes to bite my ears everytime he has the chance, even tho its not a real bite, it hurts.. I stand still when he does, and with my hand I remove him from my ear and look him in to the eyes and say a loud firm "NO!".. but he doesnt like "get it".. he still doest it everytime he gets the chance.. specially last night, when I was sleeping, he kept on doing it.. and yes, we had a long playtime before we went to bed. Maybe he is missing his other two little brothers he was with till yesterday that I bought him?

He is 3 months old. Im just wondering.. will this work? (me saying NO everytime he does) or is there anything else that would solve the problem faster? Thanks in advance.

oh and by the way, is this normal? a kitten biting their owner ears? lol
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Only when they get their teeth into them. lol

Seriously, he may be wanting to suckle and the ear and ear lobe are usually the first places they go.

Hang in there, just be gentle with him, he's just a baby and doesn't realize he is hurting you.
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Earlobes are soft and in an area they like to snuggle in like suckling thier moms , buddies won't cure the suckle need but he will grow out of it
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Aw, I think thats cute..they are love bites
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hehe yeah I know they're love bites.. but I dont want him to get acustomed to it.. once he's aged enough, those bites will really hurt.
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