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Swollen lip /sore in bottom lip of cat

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Hi, I posted recently on what I thought was a gum problem in my cat Harley. It is actually on his bottom lip. (I wish I could take a picture of it and post it here) There is a sore on his bottom lip that looks like a little bump. He's had this for a few days now. He does not have sores anywhere else. My biggest worry is cancer of course, but he's less than 2 yrs old. I've also read about granulomas and allergies, this is probably more likely. Has anyone had cats with these conditions affecting the bottom lip? He eats out of paper bowls (I hate dish washing with 3 cats) I don't know what he can be allergic to?! He's a feral, so the vet would probably have to knock him out to examine him.
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If it is a small bump, it could just be feline acne... but even those can get pretty big! Two of my cats get them once in a while. It will likely go away on its own if it's acne, but you might want to disinfect the area with hydrogen peroxide or an antibiotic ointment. Call your vet to be sure.
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It could be a rodent ulcer - can you post a pic? Villy gets these sometimes. Unfortunately she does need an injection from the vet to make it go away.
Does it look like this?:
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Awww thats such a cute pic of Villy.Yep, Harley's sore looks like that but not that big- yet! It's on the bottom lip. What are these caused by?? What kind of injection will he need?
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Francine gets them as well, usually if she eats off a styrofoam plate, so I guess hers is allergy related. They usually go away in a fews days.

Only one time she had one that was an abcess type and she needed a shot from the vet for it.
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I'll wait a few days and see if it isn't allergy associated. Recently my dh was putting a lot of wood putty on the window sill where Harley sits (don't ask me, its another one of his projects ) For a day there was an odor coming from the wood putty - I wonder if Harley inhaled some of the fumes? Anyway, it seems the next day Harley developed this bump on his lip. I took a picture of it but I don't know how to post here or even I'm allowed to?
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Does Harley eat/drink out of plastic bowls? If so, try changing to glass, ceramic, or metal.

Cheers, from
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No, we use disposable paper bowls here for the cats ( I hate dish washing)
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I hope Harleys chin bump goes away! Our Honey has that rodent ulcer....thing. She lost part of her lower lip and her bottom teeth because it came in so hard and fast. (She's and extreme face Persian)
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My kitten had that. The vet had no idea what it was. She got it 3 times. I think it was eosinophillic (-sp?) granuloma -- whatever that is, an allergy of unknown origin and unknown cure. She looked like she'd gotten collagen injections. It only broke open once and that was from her clawing around in her carrier on the way to the vet. Never seemed to bother her, but worried me. Hoping it doesn't come back, but no way to know. I've switched her to Prairie wet food and stainless steel bowls and it hasn't been back in a few months. However, I don't know if the diet/bowl change has anything to do with it as there was a gap even longer than this between flare ups. Sorry, I can't be more helpful. Hope your kitty is okay.
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Hi, that's the proper name for it, granuloma something - to be honest I think it worried me more than her! I'm not sure what injection she had, sorry! Hers are usually caused by stress. Last time it was because she had been to the vets a couple of times (xrays etc to discover her arthritis.)
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Hi, here's my experience:
My girl had this condition just a month back. I called vet and discussed
it with them. I was told it either a allergy or she was grooming to much.
I knew what it was, I had 10 days before changed her cat litter to
worlds best (corn litter) she was allgeric to it. I took the litter away &
changed back, and her lip slowly went down, took about 10 days. Vet said if condition did not go away she would have to come in for a steriod shot. I was also told inspite of the way it looks i.e. ouchy it was not, as long she was
eating and drinking o.k.
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Hmm...come to think of it, I recently did add the Arm & Hammer baking soda cat litter freshener to his litter...maybe he's allergic to the perfume??? I'm starting to add the omega 3 & 6 fish oils to his food...but he hates the smell!
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Sorry this is so late after the original post itself! My little boy has the same thing (except his has a little white dot on it) and I took him to the vet yesterday, he has surgery next week. I took him in about a month ago for the same thing and was given some antibiotic to give to him each day, I don't believe we made it through the whole thing because it started to look better and he fought the medicine like no other. Unfortunately, it came back and is bigger than before. The doctor noticed his gums have receded and he no longer has his small front bottom teeth. This leads my doctor to believe it's a cyst and will most likely have to remove his canines. He's afraid it's cancer though so my little boy will have to go through an xray and some tests. My baby is only about 3 or 4 years old. I'm so scared, I raised him from a baby and the possibility that it may be cancer is affecting me really hard.

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