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Cat Keeps Sitting in Litter

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I took in a stray two months ago and she's now six months. Since I got her she's had terrible diarrehea and would sit in her poos after she did them. Obviously she got poo and litter all over her fur and this had to be removed with tissues and baths (lots of fun!).

Sitting in the poo is probably her cat way of wiping away the runny poo but I need to stop this behaviour. It seems she can't stop her back end from convulsing when she squats which happens three or four times before the poo is expelled and she sits in it. I've asked her vet to look at her anal glands when she goes in for her spay on Monday - could this be a possible reason? She does have a very sore looking swollen spincter which spasms after a poo (best and nicest way to put it - sorry!) The poos are firming up now but she still sits in it which presses litter into her fur and she hardly ever cleans herself (think just taken from mum too early). How can I combat this?

I have been praising her to distract her from sitting in it, which has a 40% success rate. I have also held her tail gently so she cannot squat her bum down but I don't think this is appropriate and good pet ownership honestly. Has anyone got any ideas? Or will this possibly sort itself out when the poos become firmer? She is such a bright and lovely moggy I don't like to think she would be in any pain or discomfort.

(We've tested for parasites and been through kalin, antibiotics, steriods and i/d Hills presecription diet. Nothing stopped the diarrehea. Eventually she was quite listless last week so I started to make her own food and she has perked up immensly. (Her poos were very very smelly and she did lots of burps and pumps as well) She did her first solid stool yesterday so I do think it is a food intolerence. Other thoughts on this problem are very welcome...)
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Welcome to TCS, I am not to sure what advice to offer though some of our more knowledgable members will be along soon i am sure. If it is a food intolerance than i know a few of our members that will be able to suggest some ideas. For now make sure she stays hydrated, pedialyte is a good way to ensure that. If you can get the unflavored clear you can pour it in her bowl instead of water.

How long ago was she on the medicines?
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Hello - what a friendly site!

She's a good girl and drinks very regularily (maybe twice a day, just a couple of laps).

She started on the meds the week I got her, this is how its progressed week by week. I kept her on the precription food to see if her tummy could settle down with some time. She has never looked or acted ill until she was off colour last week (and she back full of beans again now).

Kaolin and pectin paste.
Wormer and nat yogurt.
Kaolin and pectin paste.
Antibiotics, steroids, kaolin and Hills i/d (really perky here but still runny stools)
Hills i/d
Hills i/d
My home made food (Lamb and rice) until some food is delivered.

Thanks - I have to go now but i'll be back in a few hours.
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It sounds like you and your poor kitty have been through a lot. I'm glad she's starting to feel better. Hopefully she will stop sitting in the litter on her own, once she's healthy.

It might help her recover if you give her an acidophilus supplement. You can just sprinkle a tiny bit in her food at each meal. It will restore the good bacteria to her intestines and help to heal her.
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