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Finally, resized pictures of my cats

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I finally resized pictures, well..the ones I am posting now..I will resize all the others later, and post them too. But here are the ones I resized now, so you can all finally see my kitties:

Rocky rolling around

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Chad, and Jack in the background

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Churrito, in her favorite spot on top of the fridge.





Spam again


I love this one


Lola covered in torn up dog toys.

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Sebastian after he rolled around in dirt

Todd and Muffin

Scooby in leaves





Sebastian and Scarlett watching me on the computer (they are there all the time, and actually..they are there right now too )

Marilyn, very feral
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all you kitties are just beautiful!!!! I can't even pick a favorite!
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wow some fantastic photos there

your kits are such cuties they are all darlings
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I would never have thought that someone could have that many animals at one time. They all look so happy and healthy, they are lucky to have you. But I'm sure you get called the crazy cat lady. My favorite photo is of Spammy, is he as sweet as he looks?
Enjoyed the photos. Laurie
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How does that cat gym hold up? Where did you find it? my girls would love something like that.
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Thank you everyone!! Yes, I didn't think we would have this many, but we all decided as a family to rescue. so thats what we did.

The cat gym is excellent! I love it, it is very sturdy. (look at the almost 20 pound cat laying on it lol). I got it from Target.

And yes, Spam is such a sweet boy!
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What an ADORABLE bunch of kitties. I love them all!
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Look at your precious baby's!
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My favourite pic is the one of Scooby in the pile of leaves I love tabbies! LOVE!
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awe what a bunch of adorable kitties such cuties
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Oh my Gosh look at all those sweet babies, how do you keep track
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