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Anyone know of any place I can get sweatshirts for a large dog?
The local stores only carry these things for little dogs and Bear actually likes wearing clothes when it's cold.
He has no hair at all on his underside, so I don't blame him.
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We took one of my sons old sweatshirt and made a few adjustments and it fit perfect. She ate right afterward but it looked good! It was an old FSU sweatshirt.
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He's wearing the only too small sweat shirt I had (with some minor fixes to accomodate his maleness ).

Baby blue is just NOT his color though.
I'll keep looking, I know someone out there has to make clothes for the big babies.
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Buddy also has trouble finding clothes that fit him. Though he's medium in size his build is just weird so medium is to small and large is way to big. So Amber just use 3 T boy clothes on him. Go threw clearance rack.
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Thanks John!
Why had I not thought of kids' clothes? lol
I have lots of newborn stuff for when Cassi was overgrooming, it was a natural conclusion for a cat, but never occured to me for the dog lol

I think I was dropped on my head (many times) as a baby
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make sure you post some pics of Bear in his new duds!!
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LOL well, I was just going to post a pic of him wearing the baby blue sweatshirt, but I guess I need to buy batteries for my camera.

My list of things to do on errand running day is getting long
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rats! I wish my puppa would let me dress him up, he would be so cute! but if I even tried it he's probably bite me
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Bear gets all excited whenever he sees his polar fleece jacket, but it's a bit too warm to wear indoors
He's a silly boy.
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When Sambo was still here with us, he always wore clothes, I would buy baby clothes for him, and when he would have a bath or we would be changing his clothes, he would act like he didn't wanna put them on.

I would tell him that someone was gonna see him naked, and then he would act imbarassed and he would come and let me put his clothes on then.
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check the local pet botiques stores ... the one a few towns over has all sorts of appreal in large sizes
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About 3 weeks ago, I picked up two x-large coats and sweatshirts for my pair of big dogs (a large golden retriever, and the other being a chow-chow/rottie/black lab mix) at Petco on sale. You can also look at the Dr. Fosters & Smith web site, and they usually carry some larger sized dog clothes too.
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I used to walk an Irish Wolfhound, and he had a raincoat to wear. If they make clothes to fit a wolfhound, they'll make them for your Bear for sure!
Looking forward to the pics.
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Check out the L.L.Bean and Land's End sites, as they sometimes have coats for small, medium, large and extra large dogs.
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